How to Choose Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Cat

How to Bathe a Dog or Cat Using Medicated Shampoo
However, should there be a real need, I would normally avoid shampoos intended for human use. These are formulated to deal with human hair and skin conditions, not feline, and so I would strongly recommend that you use ones formulated for cats since they will be safer. As mentioned in the comments, there are shampoos available for this purpose if needed and you'd be best to find them in pet stores or grooming centres.
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As any cat owner knows, most cats dislike water. As rarely need a vigorous water bath, you can get away with using a dry shampoo on your cat most of the time. However, it is difficult to reallyclean a long-haired cat in this way. Bathing Your Cat Without Getting Clawed to DeathDec 7, 2015 - How to give your cat a bath without getting clawed to deathHow to Bathe a Cat | Why Certain Cats Need Regular Baths
How to make liquid cat shampoo, Sometimes you can't afford or get transportation to afford shampoo. Ingredients: 1 Cup of gentle dish soap 1 Cup of white vinegar or Apple cider vinegar 4 Cups of waterIf possible, give your cat her dry shampoo treatment outside, possibly in a large cardboard box. If that isn't possible, think about using your tub or shower stall to minimize cleanup after the shampoo session is complete. You may need to enlist the help of an assistant if your cat is particularly uncooperative. One of you may need to hold the cat still while the other applies the dry shampoo, or you may be able todry shampoo the cat on your own if she has a cooperative personality.You can use a dry shampoo on your cat's coat monthly to improve her appearance. Supplementing the dry shampoos with regular baths will depend on your cat's overall coat condition, whether or not she's a showanimal and her comfort level with getting wet.Although some opinions on this may be mixed, in general, fleashampoos are safe for your cat. The biggest concern most pet ownershave about medicated flea shampoo is the large amount of chemicals usedin it. However, in order for a flea shampoo to be effective, it has tocontain certain chemicals that will instantly stop the life cycle ofthe flea or tick. Because flea shampoos have such a high concentrationof chemicals, they are not suitable to be used on kittens younger than12 weeks of age. If your cat is over the age of 12 weeks but under ageof 1 year old, you will want to choose a flea shampoo speciallyformulated for kittens.We haven’t had to deal with unpleasant infestations like mites, ticks and fleas because our cats are indoor only. However, if this is something your kitty is at risk for, comes highly recommended. This cat tick shampoo is effective for 28 days after application. Adam’s Plus works on dogs too so you can do the whole menagerie. Although the formula has to be harsh to thoroughly rid your cat of its unwanted guests, Adams Plus contains soothing ingredients. Oatmeal, coconut extract, lanolin and aloe condition the skin and hair throughout the process.Now that you know how flea shampoos work and some of the optionsavailable to you, you are ready to choose one that will rid your cat ofhis fleas.