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Mother cats instinctively groom their newborn kittens to ensure that the babies are breathing, and to remove the afterbirth fluids from their fur. They will continue to wash them during their early weeks. The mother cat's cleaning of the abdominal and anal areas after feeding encourages the kittens to eliminate waste. It also teaches them how to groom themselves.
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Question: Howoften do I need to groom my long-haired cat?
Answer: , , and other medium-to- have gorgeous coats, but they usually don't comethat way. Their coats need regular maintenance to prevent mats and hair balls. Whetheryou need to groom her coat daily, weekly or monthly will depend on the individual cat's needs. Ingeneral, the softer and more cottony your cat's coat, the more it will need tobe brushed and groomed. If you have the time and are willing to make theeffort, you can groom a long-haired cat at home. Otherwise, you should seek outa professional groomer. .

One of the most important aspects of how to groom a cat is consistency. Pick a time, such as during your favorite weekly television show, and make it part of your pet care routine. Hopefully he'll grow to love it, as many cats do, and it will become a special time for the both of you!How much grooming your long-haired cat needs really depends on the type of long fur she has. A cat with soft, thin, silky fur may . But cats with thicker fur may run into problems frequently.Congratulations! you have successfully finished shaving your cat. It is important to reward your cat with affection and treats after grooming. However, cats that are new to grooming ...So why learn how to groom a cat?In their natural, wild, state felines shed their winter coat in the spring and fill out their coat in the fall in preparation for the colder months. Sharing their lives with humans, domestic cats find their homes are heated in the winter and perhaps air conditioned in the summer. The consequence of living in a controlled environment means a life of almost constant shedding for your cat.How often your cat needs to be combed/brushed depends upon several factors: type and length of coat, weather conditions, time of year, etc. Generally speaking, shorthaired cats should be combed/brushed about twice a week, while longhaired cats should be combed/brushed daily. You will soon find the grooming frequency that provides the best results for your cat. It is important to establish and adhere to a regular grooming schedule. These sessions should be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Be sure that you allow time to provide proper grooming, and are not likely to be interrupted.Ali, our Master Groomer, teaches you how to brush a cat, including what to look for and how often to brush based on your cat's type of coat.

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