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Holistic Select dog food advocates a holistic philosophy on nutrition for your dog. What they mean is that it’s better to include a wider range of natural ingredients in your dog’s diet. Holistic adds unusual ingredients like various botanical enzymes and live micro-organisms that they claim to prevent future health problems for your dog. Dog owners are very enthusiastic about this product. However, how good is Holistic Select dog food for your dog? What are the experiences of other pet owners with Holistic Select dog food?
Holistic Select Grain Free Chicken Liver & Lamb Pate Cat Food Review
Thank you Ingrid for reviewing, great to hear other opinions. I feed the 3 chicken based formulas of this range to my cat for half her meals, the other half is usually raw (balanced). She has a mildly sensitive tummy but never had an issue with the Holistic Select. The choices of good quality cat food are limited where I live, so very happy with this as part of her diet. Holistic Select Grain Free Turkey Pate Cat Food Review - CatFoodDBHolistic Select Grain Free Ocean Fish & Tuna Pate Cat Food ReviewHolistic Select Grain Free Chicken Pate Cat Food Review - CatFoodDB