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With over 220 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists and food scientists working every day around the world, Hill's is able to create new products and improve existing ones that help your pet live a long, healthy and full life. They pride themselves on wholesome ingredients, precise nutrition and high-quality standards in pet food because they know firsthand that when your cat is healthier, she's happier too.
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Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight Cat Food provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your cat achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life. Over 70% of cats lost weight within 10 weeks when fed this nutrition. 100% precisely balanced and ideal for multi-cat households with cats of different breeds and weights. Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult Cat FoodHill's Science Diet Age Defying Senior Cat FoodHill's Science Diet Oral Care Adult Cat Food
I have a pet sitting, dog walking business and I am constantly horrified at the number of people who feed "Science Diet" because their vets have told them this is a healthy diet for their cats/dogs. It doesn't take much to tell that the fillers and content in their products are NOT healthy and although cats and dogs can live on the food (like some people can live a lifetime on junk food) it undermines their general health and shortens their lifespan. The fact that vets get a kickback from Hills and Purina (a whole other story) is unconscionable. Vets traditionally know little about pet nutrition and it takes research to develop a knowledge of what is healthy or not. Corn is not. Carrageenan is not. Wheat is not. Chicken by-product meal, Brewers rice, and neither are preservatives.My vet recommends the Hill's cat food. My 6 cats just love it. The kibbles are sized small enough for all ages. The cats do not eat as much as the lower priced foods making Hill's Science Diet a great deal for the money.On 10-28-16 I contacted Customer Service at Hills Science Diet about the dry cat food that my cat has been on for a number of years. He has Irritable Bowel Disease and was put on the i/d Formula (dry and moist food). It had made a big difference in his bowel movements. He was not going as often and it made his stool firm instead of diarrhea. Several days prior to Oct 28 he was having diarrhea several times a day. I happened to notice, in small print, on the new bag of dry i/d "Improved Formula and New Kibble"... which is why I called Customer Service.Hill's Science Diet cat food causes obesity and diabetes. If you don't believe me, read the rest of the reviews! I've had issues with Hill's Science Diet Cat food in the past. I had another cat that I adored die from diabetes and he was fed Science Diet. I thought at the time that it was just something that happened. 12 years later I'm here again but with 3 cats. They eat it and either throw it up and don't seem to not be able to get enough. My cats are fed at certain times and get wet food as well. This is worse than the cheap cat food. I've switched to a better brand that hopefully can reverse what Hill's Cat Food has done to them. This is poison. Please spend more or even get cheap brands. Your pet will pay dearly if you don't. Poison. Complete poison. I'm so mad I can't see straight. You need fed this crap.Two of my other cats started vomiting today. OMG!!! are you kidding. I had Hills mixed with their regular dry cat food to try break them in slowly. Not realizing it was the food until I started reading different reviews. All of Hills' Science Diet has been thrown out. I have saved the bags because I am going to try and get my money back. So far the two cats today seem ok. I am going to take them to the vet if they show any other signs of being sick. Hills brands themselves as doing what is best for our feline friends. Your ingredients are not so... Check them out. What is making them so sick? Hills should be held accountable.I have been using the Hills Science Diet Cat t/d cat food for ten years now, but in the past two years I have noticed a strong odor that smells like cow manure or some other form of waste when opening the bag. In the meantime, I began to look for other foods to feed my cats. My one cat would only eat the t/d so I continued to purchase, as the odor has not always been consistent until this last year and most recently in September 2015. The odor was so bad that I threw the food away. I contacted my vet to report the food and so they became aware of this issue if any animals became ill. I also contacted Hills but my complaint was not addressed. They only sent a form email back to me. In addition, I reported my experience to the FDA. And I encourage other people to do so as well. It would be awful if any cats became ill or fatally ill after ingesting this food. Thankfully, my cats are well and no longer eat this food.