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Hill's Science Diet Age Defying Senior Cat Food is made with high quality ingredients that provide an ideal combination of nutrients, clinically proven antioxidants and vital fatty acids for superior overall health. Our Age Defying Senior formula helps fight typical signs of aging such as bladder, weight control and digestive problems. Our Age Defying cat food is formulated with fish oil to help support brain and cognitive function. The specially designed small kibble is easy for an older cat to chew and digest. We've added L-carnitine to help support lean muscle mass typically lost by older cats. Controlled phosphorus, magnesium and sodium levels help maintain optimal bladder health. Help combat the typical signs of aging such as sleeping more, more accidents in the house, less agility and less interaction with you by feeding your beloved feline Hill's Science Diet Age Defying Senior Cat Food.
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I only wish that I had read this forum a few months earlier. Last year, my 11-year-old cat started peeing outside of his litter box. The vet diagnosed him as having crystals in his urine, and recommended that he switch to C/D food. I did so immediately, and was consistent with this, despite the high cost (about $70 month). He started spitting up on occasion, and then more regularly in the last few weeks. This morning, he started whining uncontrollably, and then laid down and started panting heavily. After many diagnostic tests, the vet assessed this as very probably liver cancer, with the entire liver extremely enlarged, with heavy internal bleeding from multiple spots. He died this afternoon. I miss him greatly, and while proving cause and effect is always tricky, the Hills food seems like a very probable cause here. Another data point suggesting that there is something grotesquely wrong with this cat food. Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care with Chicken Canned Cat FoodRelieve your cat of tummy troubles with Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Dry FoodDiet i/d Feline Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Cat Food is developed by Hill's ..
I am writing this review to let every pet owner know never to use any Hills product pet foods! It all started when I took my two-year-old Shichon Jasper to his yearly veterinarian examination. He received all of his vaccines and the vet told me he was a few pounds overweight and recommended that I put him on the Hills prescription metabolic diet. I purchased two cans of the wet food to start mixing it in with the grain free dry food I had been giving him for a year and a half. Approximately five days later he became deathly ill. He was profusely vomiting until there was blood in it and had diarrhea so bad. His stool was very mucousy and bloody. I took him to the vet immediately to have his stool tested to make sure he didn't have any parasite. Everything came back negative! They started him on a daily medication called ** for the diarrhea and gave him an anti-nausea injection. I took my cat to the vet for bloody urine. She has a couple kidney stones. She was put on Hills CD Urinary Wet cat food. After 6 days she became very ill, throwing up, refusing to eat, barely drinking and very lethargic. This is a perfectly healthy cat until eating this food. Now her liver enzymes are high, they are talking about pancreatitis, and of course want to do more very expensive tests. Until eating the Hills CD she was fine. Except for the kidney stones she has been perfectly healthy. Until eating this food then very ill over night. Beware about this food.Both dogs tested negative for tick-borne diseases and parasites. Finally after months of testing with no diagnoses, my dogs had to be rushed once again to an emergency vet. More testing. My vet contacted the internal medical director of the lab and both my dogs were eating contaminated dog food from Hills ID. As soon as I took them off, the vomiting & diarrhea stopped. As of now they aren't in the clear yet. Please contact me if your dogs or cats are experiencing similar issues!My cat's health has declined since feeding him your "not" healthy food. I have already spent over $800.00 getting him better. I told my vet that I believe it to be the z/d diet. He said not to discontinue it after I went in for the 5 to 6 times. I asked for another vet and got very loud to fix my cat. I then took my cat completely off all the z/d and it's been at least a month and a half and is getting better each day!!! I will NEVER purchase your product ever again!!! Oh and I know about you guys previewing complaints and not posting them. So don't be deceiving or I will go further with my complaint!!! I do feel that Hills should reimburse me for all I had spent to get him better. I live check to check every week so this was a very heavy weight on my shoulders but my fur baby means the world to me and I feel like your product almost killed him.