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West Hills Cat Sitting provides caring, professional in-home care for your furry friends.
During the course of the last 34 years, the Forest Hills Cat Hospital has trained at least seven young men and women and inspired them to enter the ranks of the veterinary profession. We have also trained more than a dozen men and women via cooperative arrangement with the Veterinary Technology Program at La Guardia Community College, an internship program at Russell Sage Junior High School and other schools to begin careers as veterinary technicians.
Hill's®  is available in a variety of dry and canned foods that your cat will love!
Barbara – Practice Manager My name is Barbara Newmark. I am the practice manager at the Forest Hills Cat Hospital. I am owned by an 8 year old cat named Rush, who is deaf. Hill's®  is available in a variety of dry and canned foods that your cat will love!Hill's Science Diet Indoor Adult Cat FoodHill's Science Diet Oral Care Adult Cat Food
My cat's health has declined since feeding him your "not" healthy food. I have already spent over $800.00 getting him better. I told my vet that I believe it to be the z/d diet. He said not to discontinue it after I went in for the 5 to 6 times. I asked for another vet and got very loud to fix my cat. I then took my cat completely off all the z/d and it's been at least a month and a half and is getting better each day!!! I will NEVER purchase your product ever again!!! Oh and I know about you guys previewing complaints and not posting them. So don't be deceiving or I will go further with my complaint!!! I do feel that Hills should reimburse me for all I had spent to get him better. I live check to check every week so this was a very heavy weight on my shoulders but my fur baby means the world to me and I feel like your product almost killed him.Unfortunately, the transition never worked out... Both cats began to have very loose stools and one cat began vomiting shortly after any attempt to eat. By the end of the transition period, both cats would sit at the food dish and cry for food, eat a few bites and walk away... Both still had very explosive loose stools tinged with blood and one cat was now also vomiting multiple times daily. After a few days of this, I called my vet who wanted to see the cat that had begun vomiting multiple times daily, right away. He received fluids, a b12 injection and an ultrasound. The doctor recommended that I discontinue feeding both cats this "improved formula" (which she was unaware of as well) immediately. My cats never ate another bite of the Hills "improved formula" prescription z/d, and have been thriving with zero incidents in the 7 months since I have transitioned them to a different diet.Sorry this is long, but the story has unfolded over the last 7+ months: My cats with inflammatory bowel disease had been doing very well on Hills prescription z/d canned food for over a year, when without any warning, Hills changed the formula of the food. Suddenly, the cans just said "improved formula" on them... With no forewarning that anything was about to change. I realized something was amiss when I opened the first can of a new case of this "improved formula" and a) it smelled horrible and b) the texture was weird, gloppy. I checked the date on the can to make sure it was not spoiled, and then realized it was an "improved formula". Fortunately, I still had several cans of the original formula available and I promptly opened up one of those cans and tried to transition my cats over a 7 day period to the "improved formula".Anyway, I was stunned to find when I went back to the Hills website that they had removed my review along with at least a dozen other negative reviews. I was dumbfounded. What a questionable business practice, trying to deceive the public by removing numerous reviews that they had allowed to be posted, because the reviews clearly indicated that their customers disliked the "improved formula" by a wide margin. And finally, after I had taken my very sick cat to the vet to get him stabilized and we stopped feeding him the Hills prescription z/d canned food, I made a call to Hills to let them know what happened to my cat. They took a detailed report, and asked if I still had cans from the case, which I did, and I provided them with lot numbers, etc.