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I designed this litter box furniture with a slew of features, with your cat and you in mind. For the cats, I made sure the hidy tidy comes with two openings/exits so they feel comfortable entering the piece of litter box furniture. By providing them with an escape route, they can use the litter box without worry. In addition, the two openings help to aerate the box and remove odor. The wood is twice coated with polyurethane: a durable, strong material that resists scratches. The inside joints are also caulked to ensure that odors and moisture do not seep into the wood.
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When space is a premium, you may not have the luxury of adding new cat box furniture to your home. However, this doesn’t mean a hidden box is off the table – rather, it’s under it! If you have areas going to waste, put them to work; utilized the area underneath a side table to store a litter box. To provide privacy for your pet – and hide Fluffy’s messes from guests – install a curtain using fabric and a staple gun. You can also give your covered litter box a mini-makeover with some paint, providing kitty with a space of her own. Enclosed Litter Box Cat Covered Large Kitty Furniture Hidden Decorative Bench #DesignerPetLitter Box Cover Cat Chest White Wood Clean Wooden Hidden Furniture Washroom New | eBayHidden Multifunctional Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA
A major benefit of the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is its design. It is designed like a huge decorative clay pot with an attractive plant on top of it. The opening is found on one side of the pot. This type of design makes it easy to combine with the house interiors. Once properly set-up, with the opening facing the wall, visiting friends would not even notice that the decorative plant is actually a cat litter box. It serves two purposes – one as a cat litter box and the decorative furniture for the house.This cat litter box is made from polypropylene which would mean that the cat litter box can last for a long time. Cat owners would have preference to litter boxes that will actually last longer than usual. Durability is a big factor in choosing the right litter box to use. This would mean that this specific hidden cat litter box furniture can last for a long time despite of repeated movements if the owner desires to change his or her set-up frequently.The large design of the litter box may not be suited for cat owners who have smaller spaces in the home. Ideally, Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is for those pet owners who have large spaces and can afford to install a large furniture design in one area of his or her home.As a cat owner, I am well aware of the messy side of caring for my cats. That’s why I worked hard to develop a product that covered all the issues. Take the ledge for example: this patented feature keeps the scratched excess litter inside the furniture, rather than the floor. The Hidy Tidy comes with a compartment for storing plastic bags too: hang the scoop on the inside of the door so that everything is ready to go come clean-time.For five years Tazzy and I shared a high rise, two room condo in San Francisco. There was limited space and no appropriate place to put the unsightly “cat box”.
After placing the litter pan in my bathtub for a year, I finally constructed a piece of furniture that hid the litter box. It turned out to be the perfect solution. A “hidden and tidy” place for the Cat litter box. A beautiful piece of furniture which I aptly named Hidy-TidyThe small bench/box is a cleverly hidden litter box for a cat. Simple wooden construction creates a unique combination, which makes the whole tasteful and functional. Ideal furniture for any decor.