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Flea collars are popular flea control options for cats because they are inexpensive and available over the counter. However, many environmental groups and veterinarians have raised concerns about the safety of these products, and other flea control options may be safer and more effective for your cat.
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Also, this method is rarely effective on its own. You will most certainly have to take other measures to completely get rid of fleas and protect your feline friend from future flea infestations.

Since flea collars alone are not very effective, the potential risks to your cat's health may outweigh any advantages to using those containing chemical pesticides.

While they can be used as a part of your efforts to get rid of fleas, the potential risks to your cat's health and the fact that they are not very effective, make this flea control measure a less desirable option. Shop the latest collection of flea collars for cats and protect her from fleas and ticks all year longLokking for the best flea collar for cats? Here is a review of four of the best in the market today and how to use them.Natural flea collars can protect dogs and cats from fleas in a less toxic way. Here's how to make a natural flea remedy for your pet.
Herbal flea collars are now sold in the pet section of most major stores. As the world becomes aware of the potential hazards of chemical exposure for ourselves and our pets, more healthy products are currentlyavailable. Most herbal flea collars take advantage of herbal propertiesand essential oils for repelling fleas. You must be very careful when selecting these products for your cat. You may not notice adverse effects right away, but over time a buildup of toxins can result in yourcat's body and could cause serious health risks.The oils then enter the bloodstream and can overwhelm their bodies. Essential oils of any kind should never be used with or around cats. This includes a diluted mixture applied to flea collars. Alternatives are limited, but there are safe products and methods for ridding your cat of fleas.Beaphar Glitter Cat Flea Collar x 12 Beaphar Flea Collar for Cats is a water-resistant collar that will kill fleas and prevent further re-infestation.If you are having trouble finding appropriate types of herbal flea collars for your cat, there are alternatives that may work. You may haveto submit to some trial and error to find the best possible solution, but it's possible to rid your cat and home of fleas effectively and naturally. Products containing have been reported to be safe and non-toxic for cats. This product will inhibit the life-cycle of fleas, preventing them from reproduction.Beaphar Glitter Cat Flea Collar x 12 Beaphar Flea Collar for Cats is a water-resistant collar that will kill fleas and prevent further re-infestation.Even though flea collars aren’t an oral treatment, it’s still possible for your pet to overdose. The product should specify a weight or age for safe use. Never use a medicated flea collar on a kitten if it’s intended for an adult cat. The same goes for elderly cats who are more sensitive to low doses. In fact, I’d stay away from using flea collars in these age groups altogether.