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My cat recently knocked over the cat water dispenser while we were away for a few days
These Stainless Steel Cat Bowls are equipped with a textured rubber bottom and specially designed with a unique shape. This helps reduce noise and assists in keeping the cat's dish from sliding around during feeding time. The special shape prevents the cat's dish from tipping over and reduces spillage. Available in a variety of sizes, these classic pet bowls are forged from heavy duty stainless steel metal. Scratch resistant, easy to clean, and built to last. These timeless stainless steel cat dishes should last your pet a lifetime and have it has beautiful mirror finish. The GoGo® Stainless Steel Pet Bowls are also rust resistant, making these classic bowls perfect for either food or water.
I'd try one of the water fountain bowls like was linked above. If the cat insists on pushing it around, glue it down to something flat and heavy.

Welcome to the Iguana Food & Water Bowls superstore! Reptiles eat in a variety of different ways; some prefer stalking and hunting their prey, while others are more opportunistic, simply attacking whatever tasty looking prey happens to wander within reach. When keeping a reptile pet, it is important to provide food (live or otherwise) in a way your pet will appreciate, but you will still have to make it work within the practical confines of your terrarium or vivarium. Using a convenient feeding bowl or dish is an excellent way to keep your iguana's food contained, without cluttering up its habitat.

Pet Mountain's Iguana Food & Water Bowls store features top quality products from the most trusted names in reptile care and terrarium accessories, including Spot and Zoo Med. are durable, heavyweight dishes designed to eliminate movement and spillage. This stoneware reptile dish has a high gloss finish and is one of our most popular lines of crock dishes.

The allows easy in and out access for your pet. An easy access ramp is built in to help prevent your pet from drowning. This naturalistic dish is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It is constructed from unbreakable materials and contains no micro pitting.

The is a realistic rock water/feed bowl that adds a more natural look to your terrarium while providing safety and quality too! Constructed of strong polystyrene foam, it can be used for water or food. The smooth non-pitted, non-porous surface will not absorb bacteria, stain or leak, making it a cinch to clean.

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