Outdoor Heated Cat House for Multiple Cats

Block the wind and provide extra warmth for multiple cats with a heated, outdoor house
Thanks for your comment. Not sure if the heating pad you refer to is a "snugglesafe" product. (see Eileen's comment above). Snugglesafe is a wonderful product you heat up in the microwave & use like a heating pad to keep outdoor kitties warm. What you talk about sounds alot like a snugglesafe. Anyway -- what you are doing should keep your cat warm - which is the whole point & the most important thing. Good for you!
Frugal and Homemade Winter House for Stray Cats - A cheap way to provide outdoor cats with a warm house.
Place the Lectro-Soft almost anywhere--in a dog or cat house, kennel, basement, living room, garage, barn, shed, porch or any outdoor shelter. This soft, orthopedic heated pet bed provides dogs and cats with warmth and comfort, even in sub-zero weather. When in use, the internal thermostat is set to maintain a surface temperature that's ideal for your pet. The soft PVC exterior protects from water or those occasional “accidents” that happen with older pets. The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Kitty House is perfectly designed for outdoor catsHeated Outdoor Cat House For Multiple Cats - YouTubeHeated cat houses are an excellent place for a cat outdoors to spend time on cold days
Heated cat houses are an excellent way for a cat outdoors to pass the time on cold days. In colder climates, an active heat source may be necessary, while warmer climates may only require a thermal pad.Insulated and Heated Large Cedar Outside Cat House. The Large Cedar Outside Cat House , big enough to accommodate two cats, is individually hand crafted with the high quality workmanship, from cedar wood, which is the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use. The large cedar outdoor cat house is insulated with Thermal-Ply insulation, placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling. This not only keeps your cat warm in winter, but gives it a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer.Outdoor cats turn in after a long day of ruling the world, curling up in the toasty chambers of their own heated kitty house, forged from vinyl and durable 600-denier nylon. The thermostat-controlled bed plugs into outdoor outlets to keep interiors warm enough to induce rumbling purrs. Velcro walls and a zipped-on roof make construction easy and eliminate the need to host a barn-raising, and waterproof backing guards against accidents inside.Small cedar insulated outside cat house with raised lounging deck. Buy a Small Animal Heating Pad and transform this cat outside house into a heated outdoor cat house, keeping your kitty cozy and warm during the coldest of months. It's perfect cat furniture for the neighborhood feral that is adamant about staying outdoors or for the indoor kitty who insists on hanging out near you while you're in the garden. - PRICE: $185.50 - #outsidecathouse #outdoorcathouse #catoutsidehouseThe Large Heated Outside Cat House, is spacious enough to house 2 cats, and has been individually hand crafted by expert craftsman from Canadian Northern White cedar, the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use. The large heated outdoor cat house is insulated with Thermal-Ply insulation, placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling which keeps your cat warm in winter and cool in the summer months. - #outsidecathouse #outdoorcathouse #catoutsidehouse…Heated shelters are a luxury, I want to make that clear! A regular outdoor cat shelter is totally acceptable. There are for building your own or you can buy one. Whether you use a heated kitty house or a regular one, cat shelters are instrumental to the survival of street cats.