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Most of all, though, I want what’s best for Bubba and Fifi. I’ve always used clay litter because it’s cheap and effective, but I recently read Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy and was shocked to learn that the silica and dust in many clay litters can give kitties cancer and asthma. So I hit the aisles of my local Super Target to find a natural litter that works well and keeps my kitties healthy. (Note: My cats are delightfully unfinicky when it comes to new foods and litters. Cats are creatures of habit, so a gradual switch to new litter might be best.) Here’s what I found.
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“The safety of clumping litter is a controversial topic. While there is nothing in the scientific literature documenting the health hazards to cats of clumping litter…” – isn’t this curious? The so called controversy began with an article by Marina McInnis way back in 1995 – an updated version can be found here: WEDNESDAY, March 23, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Your cat's litter box could be a source of explosive anger—and not for the obvious reasons.If your veterinarian has ruled out a health problem, you can make a few changes to see if you can steer your cat back to the litter box:When you're choosing a healthy cat litter, consider the dust factor
Choosing a cat litter might not seem like a big deal at first glance; after all, you're just filling up the litter box so a cat can do its business -- right? But most cat owners, as well as cat experts, cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right cat litter for your pet. There are many different types of cat litter, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your choice of the right one needs to take into account any concerns regarding the cats' health or the health of the environment. Also, keep in mind that a cat can be a stubborn beast; once it gets used to one type of litter, it may not want to switch. Additionally, you need to consider your cat's preference, his or her health, the effects on the environment, and the cost of the litter, and what is easily available to you.Just as premium healthy cat food is better for your cat or kitten, so are certain types of cat litter better for the health of your feline friend. Yesterday’s News Cat Litter opens our list of the best of the best cat litters this year. This litter is made with recycled paper. The bag is also highly recyclable, unlike others. The US veterinarians recommend it for cats healing after surgery. This is because the litter is 99.7% dust-free having being tested and proved. Again, Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is safe for your kittens’ delicate paws since it is made from paper pellets hence very soft. This litter is three times more powerful in absorbing moisture than regular clay. This helps in reducing tracking and ammonia odors. Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is made of recycled paper and as such waste areas should be removed daily.Stay away from the dustier cat litters (those that create a little cloud after you pour them into the box). Your cat breathes in the unhealthy dust as she kicks the litter to cover her waste. Dust-free cat litter is definitely best for your cat's health.This kitty’s litter has been bought and reviewed the most this year. When it comes to your cat’s health safety, Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is one of the most ideal. It does not contain added perfumes or deodorants. It clumps the litter naturally, and it does not allow the moisture to go to the bottom of the box. Due to its naturally clumping design that makes sure that the clump does not break apart, it is 99.9% dust free. This litter also uses dense granules that reduce tracking. It is the most ideal for a family with more than two cats and also those using mechanical litter boxes.