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This tutorial will walk you through the process of completely rebuilding your Retrospect Catalog File. This is required for users who have upgraded from Windows version 7.0 to 7.5 with disk backup sets that have grooming enabled. 7.0 users with the latest driver update may also need to follow these steps for a catalog rebuild.
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You will be presented with this dialog box that asks you to catalog from All disks from the Backup Set, or the Last Disk option for a Fast Catalog Rebuild. When using Groomed backup sets, you must pick "All disks" (Figure 3a). UPCO Pet Store online catalog -- from pet grooming supplies to chews for dogsKnowledge Base > Catalog Rebuild of a Disk Backup Set with GroomingIndex of /Catalogs/Grooming/files/mobile - Action Company
These instructions will seem overwhelming at first, but once you start it will all fall into place. If you groom now, or have only basic knowledge of grooming, you’re one step ahead, and my instructions may help you further. If you haven’t a clue about how to go about grooming, but would like to learn, I suggest first reading several books on grooming and getting a video. Try your library for the books. Otherwise, both are available through catalogs. In any case, read these entire instructions before beginning. Don't get discouraged, even professionals need many hours of hands-on to get good. The more you groom the better you will get, and remember, if you make a mistake it’s only hair and it will grow back.Dog people will appreciate their selection of chews for dogs, dog coat care and other pet grooming supplies and discount pet toys. People who love cats won't want to miss their pet urine cleaning products, unique cat beds, and cozy pet carriers. Smaller pets haven't been forgotten either, they carry rabbit cages, ferret care products, hamster cages and hamster care needs, and other small pet supplies, food, and treats. Browse their catalog or pet store online for the discount pet products you need for all your feathered and furry companions.These are only a few of the many, many grooming catalogs available. Most of the sites I have listed you can request a catalog online. As sites change addresses, you may not be able to access some of these I have listed. Do a search for more catalog companies. Originally I searched for "pet supply catalogs".