In-Home Cat Grooming Guide: Coat Care - Stress-Free Pets

In addition,grooming can be rather costly, you will save a lot of money grooming your cat at home
Matted fur also occurs when cats become greasy and shed hair. While this is a natural process, without regular grooming, this hair will become mixed with grease, dirt and debris, forming tangles and eventually a dirty, matted layer. Our cat groomer in Colorado understands that bathing most cats is no easy task. Cats frequently become upset or agitated around water. They may hiss or claw at their owners if owners attempt to bathe a cat at home. A Colorado cat grooming specialist like our professional cat groomer will help you avoid these problems, using a compassionate, gentle touch that helps your cat relax. Feline grooming with our Colorado cat grooming specialist is a stress-free process! And there is not a single dog in the building to be seen, heard, or smelled. Our guests listen to MUSIC, not barking dogs!
There are more than five cat grooming tools, but the items that should be essential to any cat owner’s home include:
It first began with cat sitting and then expanded to in-home grooming services. As the caregiver of her own furry children, all rescues, she understands first-hand the importance of having a safe, secure feeling whether you are going away and need your companion responsibly taken care of or if your companion needs grooming. We have compiled our members from across the world enabling you to find a cat groomer close to home,Pet Maven grooms small dogs (under 25 lbs) and cats in the owner's home.Helpful Tips for Grooming a Long-Haired Cat at Home
A: We need a place to bathe the dog or cat and some towels to dry the pet after the bath. We need a kitchen sink with a sprayer on it to bathe your pet. If you don't have a sprayer we can bring a portable sprayer to fit on your faucet. We'll need a flat surface, either a kitchen counter or table to do the actual grooming on. All the grooming supplies including shampoo, conditioner, dryer, brushes/combs, clippers are brought to your home.Regular grooming is an important element to maintaining the overall health and well-being of your pet. The Pet Maven offers a variety of gentle grooming services for your small dog or cat in the comfort and security of your home. This is an ideal solution for older animals, animals with special needs, new puppies, animals who hate going to the groomer and for animal caregivers who find it difficult to get out of the house.A: The Pet Maven grooms small dogs (under 25 lbs) and cats in the owner's home. We specialize in new puppies or kittens, special needs animals and elderly animals.Grooming a cat daily will cut down on the amount of hair that a cat swallows during the course of self- grooming with its tongue, thus helping to reduce the number of hairballs your cat may develop. In addition to benefiting your cat, daily brushing will cut down dramatically on the amount of loose hair and pet dander floating around the home.Prior to founding The Pet Maven, Helen spent over 20 years in marketing research for top Fortune companies. Helen is a native New Yorker and gets tremendous joy and satisfaction from providing her furry clients and their caregivers an unparalleled level of service. She shares her home with 2 dogs; Lou and Flora and 3 cats; Felix, Barbie and Martini all who are extremely proud of their mom. They provide day to day inspiration to Helen and offer assistance in the office. In addition to providing house call grooming and cat sitting services, Helen has contributed her time to learning events at Bideawee, and offers workshops to the public on dog and cat grooming. She is a graduate of New York University.Helen has been cat sitter extraordinaire to my two cats since Oct 2003, and every time I have to go away, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing she is available to take care of them! She is extremely knowledgeable about pet care, health and grooming, and has been wealth of information to me...I even use the vet she recommended. I have complete faith and trust in her as she has consistently proven herself reliable and I believe she genuinely cares about my cats. One of my cats often needs to be medicated and knowing she is skilled in 'pilling' a cat (anyone who has tried knows this is not an easy task:) is a big relief. On top of being an excellent pet sitter, Helen has also started grooming my long-haired cat on a regular basis. Having her available to come to my home is so much more convenient for both me and my cat...and definitely less traumatic for everyone involved. Helen is really quick with the grooming, minimizing the stress on my cat, and the end result is an adorable lion cut every time. Helen is a jewel and I hope she continues as the Pet Maven for many years to come!