A grooming tool for horses, dogs, cats and other pets and livestock.

7. This wide-tooth comb is good for the general grooming of both cats and dogs.
Cats can be so meticulous about grooming that they often put our human grooming habits to shame. But that doesn’t mean don't need regular , and, in some cases, . There's only so much your kitty can do on her own to keep her coat and nails in pristine condition. She needs your help, so it’s time to get over any nerves you may have about using a hairbrush, nail trimmer or shampoo on your cat. To make this easier for you and your kitty, we’veanswered some of your most common questions about grooming .
We cater for all breeds of cats and all sizes, check out groom gallery for our latest pampered pets.
For the comfort of your four-legged kid and the convenience for you, we always arrange express appointment upon your request. The amount of time it takes for your dog grooming appointment varies by pre-existing coat condition and temperament, but you can plan on it taking between 1 and 3 hours. Contrary to popular belief, cats only appear to be grooming their fur when in reality they are only licking it. Every time your cats licks their fur, they are ingesting dirt and loose hair. Being indigestible, the hair passing through your cat’s stomach and intestines comes together and forms nasty hairballs. Cats can walk through or rub up against this arch for a gentle grooming and massage; includes a bag of catnip to encourage useIf you go to a professional groomer, ask her or him for tips on how you can keep your cat’s coat in good shape between appointments.5 Tips for Grooming Long-Haired Cats - Catster
Prior to founding The Pet Maven, Helen spent over 20 years in marketing research for top Fortune companies. Helen is a native New Yorker and gets tremendous joy and satisfaction from providing her furry clients and their caregivers an unparalleled level of service. She shares her home with 2 dogs; Lou and Flora and 3 cats; Felix, Barbie and Martini all who are extremely proud of their mom. They provide day to day inspiration to Helen and offer assistance in the office. In addition to providing house call grooming and cat sitting services, Helen has contributed her time to learning events at Bideawee, and offers workshops to the public on dog and cat grooming. She is a graduate of New York University. Mobile grooming is a perfect match for cats considering their profound dislike of travel. Sophisticats also ensures that your cat will be groomed in a private, quiet environment. Sophisticats is a feline exclusive mobile grooming salon. We offer the convenience of coming right to your door. Traveling in the car can be traumatic for kitty as well as tedious and time-consuming for you.It is common belief that cats “groom themselves”. Yes, cats do lick themselves, and their raspy tongue does aid in the neatening of their hair. But just as with dogs, our feline friends can benefit from regular professional grooming to enhance not only their appearance, but their comfort & health as well. Our groomer graduated from the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, the first organization created to set and uphold the standards for cat grooming. Graduates are given the title of Certified Feline Master Groomer and they are the cream of the crop in the grooming industry. When you choose Sophisticats, you can rest assured, knowing you have chosen the very best for your loved one.Even with the move to management, Chrissy never stopped working with animals and still finds the most happiness in helping pets. In recent years, she has taken a special interest in feline friendly handling techniques and reducing stress in cats during veterinary visits. This is one of the reasons why she chose to and is so excited about transitioning to mobile grooming for cats.