Inosat Pet Locator is a real time gps locator

Save time locating pets when they get lost with PocketFinder Outdoor GPS Pet Tracker
The Link AKC won the CES 2017 best wearable electronic device award and it's been getting its fair share of thumbs up from dog parents who've purchased it. As a locator, this gadget uses cellular and Bluetooth technology to track your dog when she's nearby, and GPS technology when she gets out of the 'safe zones' you've drawn out. It communicates your dog's whereabouts through its cell phone app. In these ways the Link AKC is similar to several other pet trackers on the market.
[…] startup developed a GPS dog tracker that spots your pet’s location and monitors […]
Radio collars are one of these devices that can help locate missing pets. They are most commonly used by hunters. These use a radio signal to transmit your pet’s location to a handheld device. Though these can be very effective, they require that you are within a certain range or distance of your pet to receive a location. Also, they are often more expensive than their GPS counterparts […] startup developed a GPS dog tracker that spots your pet’s location and monitors […][…] startup developed a GPS dog tracker that spots your pet’s location and monitors […][…] startup developed a GPS dog tracker that spots your pet’s location and monitors […]
Paying enough for data plans already? The RoamEO SeekR locates your dog using the latest high sensitivity GPS technology but without the need for third party services and costly subscription plans. A GPS-enabled device attached to your dog’s collar generates precision location data, guiding you to your pet quickly and easily. No monthly data charges, no annual contracts.The RoamEO SeekR begins tracking the instant you need it and transmits precise GPS location updates every few seconds, guiding you directly to your dog. The simplicity of tracking with real-time GPS data combined with the affordability of subscription-free technology make the RoamEO SeekR the ideal pet tracker to keep your loyal companion safe wherever your adventures take you.We started with a simple premise: the most important feature for a pet tracking system should be tracking. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have a system tell you how many steps your dog took last Thursday and it can be fun to watch video from a camera on your dog’s collar. But when your dog is missing, isn’t tracking the one feature you want your pet tracker to do really well? Using this premise to guide our design, PetTronix set out to create a best-in-class pet location system with the sole utility of being able to track your dog quickly and accurately. The result was the RoamEO SeekR, a reliable GPS dog tracking system that transmits an unlimited amount of location data without restrictions or a .If you’re like most dog owners, your pet is part of the family. And just like the rest of your family, that means caring for your dog’s safety is very important. But dogs will be dogs and despite your best precautions sometimes even the best trained pets wander off in search of adventure. That’s when the RoamEO SeekR pet tracking system can help. Using precise location data from the GPS-enabled device attached to your dog’s existing collar, the RoamEO SeekR tracks your dog in any environment to bring them home safely. Reuniting with your best friend just got easier. Findster Duo is the first GPS pet tracker without monthly fees – a real-time pet locator and a pet activity tracker that rewards you for keeping your furry friend healthy. Smart. Connected. Fun. How does a particular GPS pet tracking device work? How are you able to access your pet’s location? Some wearable pet tech comes with its own tracker unit, while others use computers or mobile apps. Another important factor to consider is whether the app uses a wireless connection, Bluetooth, or another connectivity method. Scollar smart collars use Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity to keep you connected.