26.4 lbs., unscented softer texture

Sep 19, 2014 - The good news is that there are lots of cat litter alternatives that are ..
#6 – Yesterday’s News by Purina
Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is made from recycled materials, so you can feel good that you are taking a small step for the good of your cat, your home and the environment. This non-toxic cat litter is designed to keep tracking it around to a minimum, is tough on odors, and is 99.7% dust free.
Some people who believe they're allergic to cats are actually allergic to the litter and not the pet -- good news for animal lovers everywhere
"Yuck, pee-yew!" No homeowner ever wants to hear those words from a guest entering their home. The good news is, litter box odor can be greatly reduced by following a few simple steps. Here are five ways to make sure your cat stays seen and not smelled. The good news is cats naturally seek out surfaces just like the one in his or her litter box to “do their thing.The good news is, litter box odor can be greatly reduced by following a few simple steps. Here are five ways to make sure your cat stays seen and not smelled.Shred newspaper in a paper shredder and collect it in an unused litter box
Yesterday's News® is a remarkably safe and hygienic cat litter. Designedto keep your home clean and its inhabitants healthy, this recycled papercat litter yields the benefits of traditional litter with minimal tracking. Why not do some good in your home by using Yesterday's News today?If you use a standard size cat scooper and Yesterday's News, it scoops, though slowly. If it's still not working, I'd just use a little and dump it each day. Most cats only need about an inch of litter thick in order to be drawn to the box, though you can test yours to see how little you can use. Mine like an inch (they're currently on Yesterday's News temporarily) and they get it dumped each morning. I would scoop it, but I'm working extra overtime for a month and it's easier to just swap out the litter entirely. Good Luck! :)Yesterday's News® brand cat litter was introduced in 1987 to provide cat owners with a litter alternative. Since then, it has become U.S. Veterinarians’ #1 choice among eco-friendly cat litters. Made from recycled materials, Yesterday's News takes items that have the potential to end up in the waste stream and turns them into cat litter that is good for your cat, good for the home and good for the environment. My first concern about making litter from newsprint was the ink on the paper. Was it safe for my cat and me and was it safe to rinse it down the drain? Good old Wikipedia had the answers under an article about . It cited a that states, “Well My cat just got declawed and we used that for about a week and it was Yesterdays News and It was to big for the scooper but if you want a not dusty non tracking litter you could use the Fresh Step Odor Eliminating Carbon It works really good but I guess It all depends on how big the slits are on your scooper. I had to Use a little bit at a time but that's just being nonreauslabe and it only takes a little bit of the kitty litter to get the waste out so I recommend you use the Fresh Step or get a bigger scooper with bigger Slits.
Yesterday's News® paper cat litter is recommended by U.S. Veterinarians. Yesterday’s News can be used as a highly effective post-surgical litter. And because it contains no harmful chemicals, you can feel good using a safe, non-toxic product that won't harm your cat.