The Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat Food is Not So Good

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I’ve been using goodlife brand cat food for almost 5 years.
I like that it doesn’t have artificial colors or ingredients.
I mix the indoor, chicken flavor, and the salmon flavor for a variety of taste.
Lately I’ve been having a problem getting the salmon flavor. Is it being discontinued?
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The Goodlife Recipe pet food is popular among pet owners because it is made from natural ingredients. The Goodlife Recipe product line is made up of dry food and snacks for dogs and cats. The Goodlife Recipe dog food coupons and Goodlife Recipe cat food coupons can often be found on the Goodlife promotions page on the Goodlife website. The Goodlife Recipe with Real Chicken Dry Cat FoodGoodlife Chicken Recipe Cat Food. 3.5 LBS.Goodlife Recipe Indoor Cat Food Perfect for Multiple Cats
Though Goodlife may not be one of the biggest or most recognizable cat food brands out there, it is definitely one worth considering if you are looking for a for your cat. Goodlife cat foods are formulated to, “help your cat live life to the fullest” by using high-quality ingredients. With Goodlife cat foods, your cat will be properly nourished so he can enjoy many healthy and active years by your side. But what sets Goodlife cat foods apart from other brands? The Goodlife brand makes four promises about each and every one of its products: The GOODLIFE™ Dry Cat Food contains high quality ingredients that you typically only find in the more expensive brands of cat food. The recipes also include calcium (for strong teeth and bones) and nutrients to support healthy skin and a shiny coat, all features that will ensure that my cat’s food will help her to maintain a healthy indoor cat diet. The cat food will also never include corn, soy or wheat! the best indoor formula of cat food has always been something that I’ve made top priority. I want to make sure that she is getting the proper nutrition, especially now that she is in recovery. I was recently introduced to the new GOODLIFE™ and immediately visited my local Walmart store to grab Tiger a bag. As you can see from the image below, there is a variety of cat foods available, ensuring you get the right formula for your cat’s needs. My first impression, upon visiting Walmart, is that this must be a very popular brand of cat food because most of the bags in the front were gone. I actually had to have an employee get a ladder because the last bag of indoor formula was too far out of my reach. This is a clear indication that cat owner’s are loving the GOODLIFE™ Dry Cat Food and buying it right up!The second claim Goodlife makes about its foods is that they are free from corn, soy, and wheat ingredients. This is very important because not only are corn, soy, and wheat ingredients often low in nutritional value, but they are also very difficult for your cat’s body to digest. With such a wholesome and healthy recipe, it couldn’t possibly be delicious as well… or could it? There is only one that could give the GOODLIFE™ Dry Cat Food the ultimate taste test and that would be Tiger. I think it is safe to say, from the pictures below, that she would most defiantly give this cat food two paws up! I must have taken two dozen photos and was only able to get her to look up at me a single time. She cleared that plate of food in record time! It is so reassuring to know that my cat loves a food that provides so many health benefits for her. I want our cat to stay as happy and healthy as she possibly can and GOODLIFE™ Dry Cat Food has truly helped to accomplish that. The Goodlife Recipe is a brand name of manufactured in the by . The brand debuted in 2007 with cat food and dog food, however, their dog food and dog treat lines were discontinued in August 2010 for economic reasons. After years of introduction, the famous "thought " design came into use.