Go Pet Club Brown 61-inch Cat Tree

 Go Pet Club 77-inch High Brown/ Black Huge Cat Tree
As the Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in. is manufactured by the same people that made the previous number one tree, it is built from the same central compressed wood construction, super soft faux fur lining, and sisal rope scratching posts; but that is where the similarities end. This cat tree is truly massive compared to the first tree! It offers 5 different levels of platforms, each with their own shallow walls, allowing your cat to rest and sleep happily on each one no matter how high they go. The previous model’s platforms were smaller and round in shape, whereas this one provides larger squared and walled platforms; making a big difference when it comes to usability. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in. also offers 10 different scratching areas. Yes, you heard right! 10 different areas for your cat to scratch on; located on every level of the tree! It also provides 2 separate cat condos at two different heights, each with a large opening perfect for even the largest of cats. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72, like the other cat trees, is modular; meaning you can remove some of the towers and ramps to better suit your needs, or remove parts that the cat doesn’t use. Overall the base of the tree is just over 2 feet (28″W/ 24″L) in length, stands at 6 feet tall (72″), and weighs in at 36lbs.
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Brown 47 inches High
This model is probably the sturdiest of all the Go Pet Club cat trees, thanks to its low height and its broad base. It would easily hold heavy cats, although the condo is a little bit on the small size for very large cats. Go Pet Club Brown 80-inch Tall Cat Tree FurnitureGo Pet Club 50-Inch Black Cat Tree Condo ScratcherGo Pet Club 72" Cat Tree Furniture
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Cat loves to be above it all, some like medium heights, some prefer ground level so they can stalk. Find the perfect piece of furniture that fits your cats' habits on our online store.The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a very popular cat tree for larger cats and for multiple cats. This is because of the sheer size and ample space it provides. Not to mention there are several scratching posts and two dangly toys for your cat to play with.The Go Pet Club Cat Tree comes in a natural beige color and is a total of 51 inches high. It includes two platforms, one cuddly and cozy place, several spots for your cat to sharpen his or her claws, and even a dangly mouse toy for your cat to enjoy.The regular cat tree has evolved! This Go Pet Club cat tree has everything a regular cat tree has, PLUS a new exciting feature: an IQ busy box for your cat! This IQ busy box keeps your cat's mind sharp and well-exercised and is perfect to keep your cats active, mentally and physically throughout the day. On top of the cat tree providing other features such as sisal wrapped posts for scratching, and plenty of relaxing space, it also provides your cat with stimulation for their brains. Each IQ busy box contains two balls.