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Pawtitas™ Glow In The Dark Cat Collar
This is a unique type of collar that comes in many shapes and sizes, to suit all cats. Some people may take their cats in at night, but others will allow them to wander. As a result of this, it is important to keep the animal safe. Giving your cat a glow-in-the-dark collar will ensure that it does not get run over. Cars will usually see the glowing collar and therefore be able to avoid running over the cat when they see it.
Pawtitas™ Glow In The Dark Cat Collar
Purrstrong™ Glow In The Dark CAT COLLAR is a practical and affordable alternative for short distance safety. A portion of proceeds are remitted to animal rescue charities. No batteries required. Offered by Dog e Lites™ & Kit e Lites™.

1/2" W x 14" L Pawtitas™ Glow In The Dark Cat CollarPawtitas™ Glow In The Dark Cat CollarPawtitas™ Glow In The Dark Cat Collar
These unique collars can provide hours of enjoyment. Turn off the lights and watch your cat cruise around with these unique glow in the dark collars. These collars charge in as little as 5 to 10 minutes but a prolonged charge for up to 30 minutes will really get it to glow. It will continue to glow for up to 12 hours in total darkness. Imagine – no more stepping on the cat when you get out of bed in the middle of the night. How about finally being able to see your black cat? You’ll have fun with this one! Ari is wearing the hanhmade glowing in the dark Skulls cat bandana.

This bandana suits on a 1 cm (3/8") wide collar.

Tip : it is easier to slip the collar in the bandana with the male part (fork shaped) of the buckle. A Safe Cat Night Glowing Dark Cat Collars will keep your favorite cat safe while looking stylish. When this collar is exposed to light, the pigments within the collar glow at night! In addition to this illumination, this collar also has a bell that can help you identify the location of your cat. It has a pivoting breakaway buckle for optimal safety. These collars are available in the following designs/colors: purple leopard, pink queen, orange flowers, lime skulls, and blue fish.ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Pawtitas Cat Collar is suitable for any stage of their lives, from a teenager kitten to a senior. The Cat Collar is adjustable for neck sizes between 8-inches and 12-inches.
DURABILITY AND STRENGTH: In order to increase the tensile strength of the product, is constructed of a single piece of rip-stop nylon. The reflective ribbon is sewn on. The product is folded over and reinforced for strength and durability. Making the product a great choice for any pet.
GLOW IN THE DARK: Pawtitas Glow In The Dark Cat Collar is a fun choice for everyone, just expose the cat collar to the indoor or outdoor light and your feline is ready to explore.These high-visibility collars make a fashion statement in four bold color options. Designed to coordinate with fashion cat collars, they feature a floral pattern that can be seen from distances up to six feet. Glow in the Dark cat collars also come equipped with matching Meow buckle hardware & bell for added style.And then Alice froze. Right in front of her was sitting in a tree cat! It seems the same. Cheshire. Cat smiled warmly.
My Cheshire cat is also able to smile graciously and even disappear in the darkness, leaving only his smile. Teeth the cat glow!
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