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Cats do feel better after they get rid of a hairball so it is nothing to be worried about
If you want to avoid the oral or topical medication route for reducing hairballs, one easy, natural, quick and cheap method is frequent brushing! Although your cat surely has a handle on her individual grooming needs, a helping hand from you surely can't hurt. Take time once a day to brush your cat's fur, particularly during the shedding months. This helps get rid of loose hair, and the less hair your cat ingests, the less can accumulate in her belly.
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It's easy to figure out where hairballs come from. Cats like to groom themselves and their rough little tongues collect a lot of hair that is swallowed. This hair should pass through the intestinal tract and come out through the stool. Large amounts of hair that don't pass are the source of hairballs and the cause of your cat's attempts to get rid of them by vomiting. How to Get Rid of a Hairball in a Cat's Stomach.How to Get Rid of a Hairball in a Cat's Stomach | eHowHow to Get Rid of a Hairball in a Cat's Stomach
If any cat has hair balls, you should immediately take steps to get rid of Hair Balls in Cats. Hair balls remedy for cats is important because formation of hair balls is one of the major problems seen in pet cats. There are many species of cats that we see around us. Most of them have a hair ball because the hair that gets ingested when the cat licks its body does not get out of the system. Usually, it is passed out when the cat vomits or though the digestive system. When the hair gets stuck inside, hairballs can form.1. Clean the cat regularly: Cats are very clean creatures and this is why they lick themselves. This leads to hairballs in its system. If you clean your cat regularly, preferably every day, you will be able to prevent, rather than get rid of Hair Balls in Cats. The cats will shed the hair on their body at periodic intervals. To overcome this problem, the owner must brush the cat fur each day. This brushing of the cat’s hair will reduce the hair that is loose and can fall. This in turn will reduce the hair entering the cats gut.Every cat is sure to have hair balls formation unless the owner of the cat takes some preventive steps for the same. There are several methods that can be used to help in preventing the formation of hair balls. Prevention is the best remedy because it is easier than to get rid of Hair Balls in Cats. If hairballs are in the cats system, there needs to be periodic elimination of the hair ball for the cat to lead a normal life.1. Severe constipation or extreme diarrhea needs the intervention of a vet.
2. Gagging: The cat may gag as if trying to throw up, but nothing will come out.
3. Hard belly: If the cat’s belly becomes hard, you need to immediately get rid of Hair Balls in Cats.
4. Coughing: One of the reasons for cough in cat could be presence of hairball in the gut and it needs a vet’s intervention.
5. Lack of appetite: If there is a drastic change in the appetite levels of your cat, a veterinary consultation is needed.
6. Lethargy: Sudden lethargy in a cat could mean that it is seriously ill. A veterinary examination will help to identify the reason and correct it.1. Loss of appetite: The cat will lose its appetite if it has hairballs in its body. As the cat does not eat food, the immunity of the cat will reduce. This makes the cat weak and prone to various diseases.
2. Vomiting: When there is excess hair in the gut of the car, you should take all possible steps to get rid of Hair Balls in Cats. Hair balls in the cat will lead to other problems like vomiting as soon as the cat eats the food. The best treatment for hairballs is prevention. Brushing your cat will reduce the amount of loose hair it ingests during grooming. Some cat foods are specially designed to help reduce hairballs, so check those out. Increasing your cat's fiber intake also can help. Adding canned pumpkin or asparagus to your cat's food will up the fiber. Keeping your house clean is a big help, as well; if your cat eats bits of string or thread off the floor, those can get wrapped up with the hairball and make it much worse. Treating your cat for fleas also can reduce fur balls. When your cat has fleas, it will lick more as it tries to rid itself of the pests.