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Large cats can be quite unintentionally destructive. Therefore it is very important to find sturdy cat trees for large cats. Begin you review of cat furniture for large cats by looking at the material used to construct the frame of the tree. A large cat tower should have posts made of actual wood and not cardboard or particle board. The wood will last longer and be less like to wobble or collapse. Wood posts can also handle the body weight of several large cats clinging to its sides all at once.
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The Vesper above isn’t the only modern cat tower designed to look like high-end furniture. This cat tower stands six feet tall and offers an elegant, understated place for your cat to lounge. Each of the three platforms are covered in berber carpet, which is augmented by a sisal scratch pad and a faux suede pillow. The large platform at the top is big enough for two cats to recline in, while a hideaway at the bottom offers another place to relax. Both finishes are dark wood tones. The company also makes a to match. cat furniture for large cats | Cats Love Cat Trees, But You Need to Choose WiselyLarge Cat Tree Furniture with Cat Condos I would get 2 and put in sunroom for all 4 cats30%OFF Cat Tree For Large Cats Pet Condos Tower Scratching House Climbing Furniture 94"
I have very large cats. They can easily push twenty pounds. No matter what I do I just can’t seem to get them to loose that indoor cat weight. But one things I do love about my cats is that with their large mass comes their large heart. They are constantly fighting over my lap trying to get my attention for loving. But when one wins over I want to make sure the one that has to wait their turn has a place she can go to call her own. There are several things I have to look for when buying cat furniture for large cats. I put together some of the best cat trees for large cats reviews to help you out.If you aren’t able to find a perch large enough for your cat go ahead and try getting a u-shape perch. Cats really like that security knowing that they aren’t going to fall off. And as weird as it sounds, even if it is a short u-shape wall if makes the cat feel like no one will come up behind them to get them. You may think having cat furniture for heavy cats would be something that is tricky, but follow these simple keys and I’m sure you will be fine!These are very large animals that aren’t always they most graceful (if they are anything like my cats) so having a wide base on the bottom to make sure the whole thing doesn’t topple is really important. I’ve heard of several circumstance where the first time a cat is caught unsteady on a piece of furniture, even just a tiny bit, will be the last time the cat trust that piece. It’s so unfortunate especially if it’s a really expensive piece. If you do find yourself in a pickle where, go ahead and put a sand bag on the bottom to help keep things stable.Furniture and Scratchers 20740: Cat Tree For Large Cats Kitty Scratching Post Condos 56 Tower Clibing Bed Pet -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $61.43 on eBay!Molly and Friends extra large cat furniture is sturdy, strong and big! These are so much fun for adventurous and large cats! All Molly and Friends Furniture comes in a variety of carpeted or sisaled shapes, sizes and colors! Mix and Match to fit your decor or go with our wide selection of neutral tones. Click to view our product catalog.Give your feline a comfortable place to lounge, scratch or just look out the window with this furniture for large cats. It features large cradle on a 12" post, fully carpeted large bed on a sisal 30" post and one more cradle on top of a 47" carpeted post. The sisal rope will allow cats to stretch out during the daily scratch exercises and will keep home furnishing scratch-free. This is a quality furniture that will last for years.