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Sometimes a litter box is just a simple box – meaning, there’s a limited range for you to toy around and play with this item; however the TownHaus succeeded in taking this item to the top, by presenting the very best you can and should have for your cat litter box. This versatile blends smoothly into any home decor, while giving your cat the perfect place to hide out. Handcrafted from solid wood, the TownHaus is a durable yet classic looking piece of pet furniture your cat can use for years to come.
This attractive piece of furniture is ideal for multiple cat households, it is a double cat litter box Furniture unit.

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Modern Cat Litter Box Spectacular On Home Furnishing For Yours CURIO In Maple 15 Concealed cat box in useful furniture... There is no way around us having a cat. I love this idea for a litter box.Here's how to make a DIY litter box furniture cabinet for your cats to help keep the litter and odors contained!I had never heard of or seen hidden cat litter box furniture before. Very nice lens, I need to get one of these beautiful pieces.
For five years Tazzy and I shared a high rise, two room condo in San Francisco. There was limited space and no appropriate place to put the unsightly “cat box”.
After placing the litter pan in my bathtub for a year, I finally constructed a piece of furniture that hid the litter box. It turned out to be the perfect solution. A “hidden and tidy” place for the Cat litter box. A beautiful piece of furniture which I aptly named Hidy-TidyCatGenie Litter Box
This modern and very practical litter box is a great furniture for your pet. Easy to keep clean is very practical and functional. It is an aesthetic and functional as your pet has a place for your needs.I designed this litter box furniture with a slew of features, with your cat and you in mind. For the cats, I made sure the hidy tidy comes with two openings/exits so they feel comfortable entering the piece of litter box furniture. By providing them with an escape route, they can use the litter box without worry. In addition, the two openings help to aerate the box and remove odor. The wood is twice coated with polyurethane: a durable, strong material that resists scratches. The inside joints are also caulked to ensure that odors and moisture do not seep into the wood.Hidy-Tidy litter box furniture was researched and manufactured with you and your cats’ needs foremost in mind. The following patented features cannot be found in other litter boxes.Our ultimate goal 13 years ago was to build the “Best” cat litter box Furniture. Not just an ordinary litter box but a “Beautiful Piece of Furniture” to be used as a hidden and clean place for the cat litter box . We believe every person and pet has worth and value. Our purpose in building the Hidy-Tidy is to enrich your and your cats’ lives and bring harmony into your home.Can condo and litter box. This intelligently designed furniture is a perfect choice for cat owners. The interior may be used as a litter box or pet house with removable carpet. It also features a unique left or right side pet-access panel.