Friskies Indoor Delights Dry Cat Food

Purina Friskies Indoor Delights Adult Dry Cat Food Size: 16 lbs.
My 2 adult cats have been eating 2 cans of Friskies canned food per day and Friskies Indoor Delights dry food (as an afternoon “treat”) for a few years now. Over the past week, both cats have been vomiting and refusing to eat the food I offer. This is very unusual for them and it is NOT the hairball kind of vomiting. Now I’m saving the empty cans, dry food bag and the store receipts (in case there is a recall issued later). Just wanted to document this issue. No more Friskies for my cats. Something is clearly wrong.
Purina Friskies Indoor Delights Adult Dry Cat Food Size: 6.30.
I have a long-haired Persian cat who had hairballs almost daily. I tried some different foods and even ones specifically for indoor cat maintenance. Nothing seemed to help all that much. As soon as I thought something was helping up would come another hairball. Nasty! So I tried Friskies Indoor Cat delight and it helped so much! I have only had one or two hairballs in the last 4 months since I started her on it.

I like that this is a cheap product with many coupons available. My cat likes the way it tastes and has actually started eating more since I bought it. (she was underweight so this was a good thing)One downside would be the limited amount of flavors. At the stores I have seen it at, I have only seen one flavor, but my cat doesn't seem to be bored with it or anything. One bag of this will last my cat anywhere from 3 weeks to a month.I don't notice any unusual odor in her stool. This product is easy to find at any major retailer or grocery store. The best thing is definately the decrease in hairballs that my cat has now. Purina Friskies Indoor Delights Adult Dry Cat Food Size: 50.4 oz.Purina Friskies Indoor Delights Adult Dry Cat Food Size: 16.2-Ounce Box.Friskies Indoor Delights Cat Food Dry (Formerly Gourmet Poultry Flavor)
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Pay $13.69 after couponBefore I bought indoor delights my cat would have discusting hair balls. I don't know why they are called hair balls because they are wet and look like vomit. I was pleased to find indoor delights because I think it was easier on her stomach. Soon after I switched her food she has had only very few issues with the hair balls. I once forgot to buy a bag but I had some wet canned food and she barely ate it. It caused her to get sick all over again. So I knew I could only have the indoor delights. I have had my cat for the last six years and purina Friskies indoor delights is the only cat food i will buy. For one large bag it will last me four months or more. The price is very reasonable so i do not mind buying the larger bag. It works out better that way because it lasts so long. My cat enjoys the food and it seems to keep her in good weight. She is not hungry all of the time. When she eats she is happy. Keeping my cat happy makes me happy!A very fine product indeed - our cats definitely approve and prefer Indoor Delights over any other dry cat food we have offered them.

Quality of Ingredients
Purina has great quality control and the Indoor Delights formula has lots of goodies that indoor cats need and do not get normally.

Flavor Selection
Our kitties love all the varieties of Friskies Indoor Delights.