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Like all brands, the different “flavors” of Friskies vary in protein content and carbs. It is disingenuous and lazy to simply list a “brand” as good or bad. Many of the expensive brands actually have more carbs than Friskies and include goofy foods (fruits and vegetables) for cats, carnivores, to entice ignorant consumers to feed their cats omnivore/human diets.
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I have fed Friskies dry and wet foods to my cats for the last 15 years, however the last 2 bags of Seafood Sensations with “new shrimp flavor” has caused not only my indoor cats to be sick, but the feral population that I feed as well as the raccoon that frequents my back door. I switched them back to the other flavor and now have no problems with vomiting or diarrhea. With a variety of options to choose from, Purina® Friskies® Meaty Bits wet cat food offers a yummy flavor and tempting taste for every cat in your crew.With variety packs of Purina® Friskies® Classic Pate wet cat food, you can let her find her favorite flavors and offer her a mixKeep your kitten or adult cat's palate happy with the variety of delicious flavors in this Purina® Friskies® Poultry wet cat food variety pack
One of my go to brands is the Purina Friskies 7 dry cat food. I have three cats, all have different pallets. This dry food fits the bill on all three cats. It has 7 ingredients: chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp and cheese! All the flavors are there and keep my cats coming back for more. It is a great choice as my cats are all indoors and this is good for their muscles, vision, immune system and skin and coat. This brand is priced really well and sometimes will give you an extra amount in the bag for the great price of $3.87! I Love getting this brand, knowing my cats call for it in the mornings and night!Cats are notoriously persnickety eaters, often turning up their noses at food chosen for them by their humans. But Friskies is betting that picky felines will be a little bit more excited about food chosen by their kitty counterparts: It debuted Cat Concoctions, a wet food that features flavor creations picked by cats, earlier this year.I have been feeding my cats Friskies (canned) for many years. Each cat has had his/her favorite flavor. The price is great, and I think that although it's important for cats to eat hard food, it's also important they have a good quality wet food to give them added nutrients and moisture to their diet. And Friskies fits the bill!Bring the flavors of the ocean to your cat's dish with Purina Friskies Classic Pate Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner wet cat food. The tender, moist pate texture gives her something fun to sink her teeth into, while the combination of fish flavors delivers the taste cats crave. With essential vitamins and minerals in every serving — along with a scrumptious taste — this canned wet cat food is an option you can both love. Offer up this Purina Friskies Classic Pate every day as part of your cat's diet, or alternate feedings between wet food and our Purina Friskies Tender & Crunchy Combo dry cat food for an array of tastes and textures she finds truly meow-worthy. As a pet owner, you want to make sure your cat gets only the best foods in her dish. That's why we strive to make quality the number one ingredient in everything we produce. This recipe is formulated to meet or exceed industry guidelines for cat food, so your cat gets a meal that's as nutritious as it is tasty. We know you care about where her meals come from, which is why we're proud to produce this recipe in our Purina-owned U.S. facilities. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality and safety checks to give you peace of mind every time you reach for a can. Sustainability is a core concept at Purina, and we see our commitment through by actively seeking out responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging options. Each can of this wet cat food is recyclable, so your purchase can have a positive impact on your world while giving your cat the delectable meals she deserves. When you fill her dish with Purina Friskies Classic Pate Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner wet cat food, you let her know she's an important part of your family with every delightfully delicious serving.