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The Nebraska Humane Society is offering free cat adoptions on Friday for cats over the age of 1.
You can certainly respond to a classified ad for free kittens or cats, or call a telephone number listed on a community bulletin board to inquire about an unwanted cat. Taking one of them into your home could mean one less kitten that's dumped on the street. Then again, it's one less home that's available for a cat or kitten awaiting adoption in an animal shelter.
According to a release, free adoptions are valid for any cat (any age) and any dog over six months.
The Colony Cats Adoption Center is a completely different experience in sheltering homeless companion cats. While most of our felines still live in foster homes, we now can bring them out into the public with our cage free adoption center. Cats can do what comes naturally – jump, run, climb, and play; but only until they find their way into your heart and home. Free cat and kitten adoptions at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay go from June 1-7.Visit the Texas Humane Heroes (TXHH) adoption centers and adopt any adult cat for free during thePlease note: Our
The that eliminating adoption fees does not devalue the animal in the eyes of the adopter, and that free adult cat adoption programs could "dramatically impact the lives of thousands of shelter cats who would otherwise reside in a shelter for months or be euthanized." (Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, Volume 12, Issue 4, 2009).In June 2012, 63 shelters and rescue groups in three Northern California counties participated in for the third year in a row. All dogs and cats available for adoption were free to the adopting public.Many high profile shelters across the country have implemented fee-waived cat adoptions very successfully, including the Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland in Maine, Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, TX, and the Wisconsin Humane Society. The ASPCA encouraged shelters throughout the country to provide fee-waived cat adoptions for the entire month of June 2011 as part of adopt-A-Cat Month, and featured a sampling of successful free adoption promotions in an article entitled . The Nevada Humane Society is publicizing their free June adoptions with . In a single day in August 2012, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester's Lollypop Farm adopted over 130 cats to new homes in their "" free cat adoption event.Shelters that regularly or permanently waive adoption fees on adult cats stress the fact that they do not lower their adoption standards. Furthermore, the adoption counselors understand people have the ability to acquire cats through other means, consequently resulting in unaltered cats contributing to the litters of kittens being surrendered to the shelters, or given away free, exponentially increasing the numbers of kittens born.The Erie County SPCA (ECSPCA) implemented a "free over three" adoption policy for cats three years and older in December 2009. Since then, 1,213 cats have been adopted through the program, compared to 923 adoptions in the previous 14 months - almost 300 more cats finding permanent homes!Adopting a barn cat can be a mutually beneficial relationship - you will be saving the life of a healthy cat, while they will help scare off small, pesky rodents! To people that qualify, barn cat adoption is FREE.