cat drinking from a fountain (in Rome?)

Consider the water capacity of the fountain which will depend upon the number of cats you have.
The Pura smart cat water fountain is currently in a funding phase on IndieGoGo with an estimated delivery date of April 2016, so , and be sure to check out the smart cat fountain in action via the video below.
diy water fountain for cats | New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!
We had resorted to filling that fountain with filtered water for them lately. It was from the hardware store and quite nice-looking with it's stones and rippling water, but we couldn't really access or clean the interior so we had to wonder if the cats should have something more functional. Cats should drink more water than they are probably getting now. We can get both of us a fountain.How Safe is Your Cat Fountain? The Best Cat Water Fountain vs The Worst | Glacier Point for CatsLet's return to that central question. Should you buy your cat a smart water fountain?
We made our first ceramic fountain for our cat, Arya because her vet instructed us that fresh, filtered water would be beneficial to her health. After observing her perk up and act more lovingly, we began gifting ceramic fountains to family and friends. With the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we decided to make our fountains available to everyone. We enjoy throwing pottery and creating new designs inspired by the places we go, people we meet, and the wonders of nature. Each fountain is unique and one of a kind. We hope you find something your cats can love.While cats are desert creatures they still need water. For our cat’s wild ancestors rodent blood (yum!) provided supplemental hydration. The ideal diet for a cat would be a mouse a day, but we’d get in trouble with the PETA folks if we started a mouse farm at the Root Simple compound. So we’ve got to get them to drink water. Our two cats drink happily from our cat fountain and from bowls of fresh water. We try to have both on hand to encourage them to drink. Our cats get wet food in the morning and dry food in the evening. The wet food provides some hydration and the dry food helps keep their teeth clean.When you consider the importance of the health benefits provided by the Drinkwell Pet Fountain, it should come as no surprise that the Drinkwell pet fountain was selected as the recipient of Cat Fancy’s Best New Cat Product award. Different models have also received numerous other awards over the years.I will always have a Thirsty Cat Fountain in my home because my cats love them, but I bought this one just for me. I never get tired of looking at it and have placed it in the room where I spend most of my time. Because it is handmade (all but the pump), there is a synergy in the glazes, the clay and the vision of the artist. I can feel this in the fountain clearly and softly. That and the energizing of the flowing water I feel as waves of renewal from the natural world and it fills my room–it is like taking a walk without leaving the house. Many thanks!Encouraging them to drink water is where a cat fountain comes in handy. But, in the ultimate of “first world problems,” most cat fountains are ugly, resembling those plastic things you throw cigarette butts in:We found an attractive cat fountain several years ago made by ceramicists . I don’t think they still make the exact same model we have but they sell plenty of other handsome fountains. I clean out the pump twice a week and change the water frequently.