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Have peace of mind when you need to leave your feline behind with the Catspad Smart Food and Water Dispenser for Cats. Designed to integrate with any home, this beautiful feeding station will work seamlessly with the app to keep your kitty happy. The Catspad is the only dispenser that you can schedule to provide food in advance. Additionally, the Catspad is able to track the nutritional value of what your cat consumes so you can keep him healthy. Simply fill the Catspad with your choice of dry food in one reservoir and water in the other to feed you feline at any time. You’ll even receive a notification right on your device if either of the reservoirs are running low.
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It can be used as a feeder for food and water simultaneously. The user can clean this dispenser easily. The plastic used in this dispenser is durable and it comes in three different colors. It can supply food for cats, puppies, and dogs. Catspad - The best smart food and water dispenser for cats - YouTubeCatspad Smart Food and Water Dispenser for Cats » Gadget FlowFood And Water Dispenser For Cats - Shop Low Prices & Top Brands‎
By connecting to Wi-Fi via the Catspad mobile app, the dome-shaped food and water dispenser can be automated during certain times of the day. So you can arrange food deliveries by weight — sensors in the food bowl detect how much kibble is present — and monitor how much clean, filtered water is left over after each day. Catspad holds up to 60 ounces of dry food, and about 8 liters of water. The company says that should be enough for one cat to live autonomously for up to one month, so long as you’ve set up the food-delivery schedule and keep tabs on the water supply. This is also a pet water and food dispenser that can be used effectively for cats and dogs. This dispenser has dual use in a single bowl. It can also be used as a food dispenser or as a water dispenser according to the needs. This product has multifunctional use and can be used perfectly for small and medium sized pets.Many people like to own a pet animal like dogs and cats etc. Cats are friendly creatures that like to play with the owners often. They require water and food for their growth and activity. The owners should provide food and water at respective times. Cats are active pets and they require water more than 10 times a day; so, the water to these animals should be given at regular intervals. To make the work of the owners easy, a new type of dispenser, specially designed for a cat is available in the market.“Crown Majestic’s automatic pet feeder combines a dry food and water dispenser into one unique unit. The feeder is suitable for both dogs and cats and will accommodate a maximum capacity of 4.4 Lbs of dry food. It also allows one to record a personal voice message (12 seconds) that alerts the pet when food is dispensed.”Aside from pellets and other cat food that it will dispense, this pet feeder also can supply water to the cats thanks to the water station that’s linked to the feeder. This should work for both cats and dogs, and can handle up to 4.4lbs of solid food thanks to the inclusion of a transparent container. There’s also a voice recording system that can play an audio recording to inform the pets that you are still around and you are monitoring them. This is easy to assemble, and can work even without the water station. This dispenser is best for: