So, is flushable cat litter worth it?

Major brands of flushable cat litter:
The original litter has the scent of a forest and is available for multiple cats as well. The company also produces lavender- and pine-scented litters along with "Advanced Natural High-Performance Clumping" litter. All of them are biodegradable, flushable, scoopable and produced from sustainable resources.
As promised, here are our top picks for the best flushable cat litter:
There are a lot of cat owners who hate the thought of scooping out the litter out of the box and this is one of the benefits when you have flushable litter. It would just take a few flushes to get rid of kitty’s business. Flushable Cat Litter: The 10 Best Flushable Cat LittersThis flushable cat litter does not track much, and is not as dusty as other brands.There are various brands of flushable cat litter that you can get on the market these days.
Selecting the appropriate kind of litter system involves not only the cat but the lifestyle of the owner(s) as well. Flushable cat litter would be ideal due to the ease of its immediate disposal, especially when the box is located next to the toilet, and the fact that the water-filled toilet bowl dilutes the cat waste smell. Compare this to the duties of a cat litter box owner, in which the cat waste (malodorously) lies on the surface of an open box for some time period, and the cat owner must scoop the waste product up with a shovel and then have no choice for disposal other than bagging it.Flushable cat litter is not widely used by house cats in the US, but the idea has been gaining popularity over the years. Concerns about the environment have paved the way for new green litter brands to hit the market.Pets are a common sighting inside a , and just like humans they have to dispose any of their waste. are naturally clean animals; however, they have a tendency to dispose of their waste anywhere they feel like it, though it is consistently done in a specific place. Taking that into consideration, you may want to use that consistency and train your cat to do it in one place. You may need flushable cat litter for that situation.According to information online from plumbers, flushing cat litter (including flushable products) is probably going to make your plumber a lot of money. Flushing any significant amount of cat litter of any kind down the toilet will probably result in clogged pipes at some point.On the surface, flushable cat litter seems like a good idea. After all, we send our human waste down the toilet all the time, so why not cat waste?I currently am using World's Best Cat Litter. It is flushable and septic tank safe. Toot is on Amber stage and loves to push a lot of litter down the hole before going potty. Sometimes I have to flush a couple of times if the litter has been sitting in the toilet for a while. It sticks some to the bottom. It's OK at clumping, but from what I've read fushables don't usually clump as well as hard clumping clay based litters. If you go to the website you can print out a rebate for the small bag. Buy at normal price and send in UPC code, receipt and rebate form to get a check in the amount of the 7-8 pound bag. SO this is a great option for people who are looking into different types. Normal price for the small 7 pound bag is about $8.