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Your cat will love the FurHaven Tiger Tough Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Ladder Playground! This cat tree features five levels to play on, and includes a soft hammock perch, cat ladder, and a spring-y ball wand toy.
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Disclaimer: Products were received for free and reviewed by me. I am honest about what I say and I will not say I like something when I do not. I mention products and/or services that I like for my readers. I am giving my opinion based on what I reviewed. DIY Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree cat tree DIY diy cat tree Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree How-ToTrixie 43901 Madrid Floor-To-Ceiling Cat Tree, Adjustable, Beige:Amazon:Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree, three tier scratching post climbing toy exercise #Klife
In addition to the wall-mounted and free-standing trees, there are some larger cat trees that are anchored between the floor and ceiling with a tension pole. Other designs rest on the floor, but are anchored to the wall at the top. Both very smart solutions for creating a stable cat tree that takes advantage of the full floor-to-ceiling space, without requiring a gigantic base.Catland Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree w/Cubby, Ledge and Scratching Posts, QQ80165 (999101) this as less room than many trees but much vertical space! now 20% off to #$95.99These are GORGEOUS and just exactly what every cat family needs! I have memories of our former floor-to-ceiling cat tree lying across the living room floor after it was disengaged from the ceiling by our active cats. Thankfully, no one was ever hurt, and the house and contents were not damaged. In our present home, we’d need a very tall tree for our 9′ ceiling…this looks like just the ticket. *And oh, those gorgeous models!*This floor to ceiling cat tree was requested by the cats that like to hang over the edge. It comes with cozy cat house for a cat nap after busy day, three cat perches for easy climbing up to the ceiling and plenty of sisal posts. It is just perfect for very active cats and multi-cat householdsThe Cat-Scratcher Escaro, is a beautiful, luxury, cat tree from world renowned pet manufactures Nobby. This cat tree comes with several exciting platforms and areas for your feline friend to explore and play. Your kitty will have the time of their lives as they make the attempt to climb to the top, and have a scratch on the top scratching post which sits at a monstrous height of 264 cm! That's right, floor-to-ceiling cat trees do not get much bigger than this! The Nobby Cat-Scratcher…This ceiling-high tree is an entire "Kingdom" in a single unit that cats will never tire playing on. Sixteen sisal poles provide scratching areas for every cat or kitty to sharpen their claws without getting in trouble, and the multi-level construction will accommodate the jumping and athletic abilities of every active cat climbers. The floor to ceiling cat tree comes in modern “Forest” style and would be a great addition to any home décor. With this tree let’s bed who will be the king of your living room.Wow! That is what your cat will think if you bring this huge ceiling-high tree in your home. Stands on 28"x 20" base, it is over 7 feet tall and provides 10 sisal and 5 carpet posts, because the cats have different preferences as to what they need for scratching. The tree features over 10 different levels for your cat’s fun, two ladders for easy reaching the upper platforms, two triangle shape houses, two cozy baskets and a play tunnel. This floor to ceiling cat tree is perfect furniture for active cats to curl up into a ball and take a nap. The Linus Adjustable Cat Tree is a floor-to-ceiling playground that ranges in height from 89 to 104 inches, and can be secured to the ceiling using our spring-activated ceiling attachment - no nails or screws required.