Can you put cat litter in a litter box for a ferret????

Can you use cat litter for ferrets litter?
Ferrets are usually very clean by nature. Because they are usually house pets, it is important that they should be trained to use a litter box. There aren’t special varieties of litter designed specifically for ferrets. Therefore you will have to choose among the several varieties of cat litter available in the market. Each of these has positive and negative qualities and you need to be aware of these before making a decision.
-Use ferret safe litter, no shavings, no clumping or clay cat litter. Paper pellet litter is best.
Ferrets are often compared to cats and dogs. Like cats, they sleep a lot and can be trained to use a litter box. Like dogs, ferrets are social and crave the company of people. But the truth is, ferrets are in a category all their own. With their friendly, inquisitive natures and furry, cuddly bodies, ferrets make great pets, given the right pet parents. If you’re considering purchasing a ferret, learn more about their care needs, including what you’ll need and how to keep your ferret healthy, below. Selecting the best ferret litter is not as easy as going to your local store and getting a bag of cheap cat litter.I decided to convert my third bedroom to a ferret room - I was only using it for the cat's litter boxes anyways. It's a start.Our ferret was litter trained. She used a litter box. And if she didn't use hers: she'd use the cats litter box!
One of the allures of owning a ferret is that it is comprehended to be alow maintenance pet. This is true ONLY if you do the initial training upfront, like teaching the ferret not to nip and to use a litter box. Thenumber one mistake most people are told or assume is that ferrets are likecats and will naturally use the litter box. This is not true. Ferrets arecaged and separated from their mothers very early at the ferret farms. Because of this, they miss the important stage of mom teaching them to usea "latrine".One of the reasons people consider owning a ferret is the popular belief that these are a low maintenance pet. This is true ONLY if you do the important initial training up front, like teaching the ferret not to nip and also to use a litter box. Ferrets are very trainable and if you're patient, you will find training them no more difficult than training a cat. However, the number one mistake most people make is assuming that ferrets are like cats and will naturally use the litter box. This is not true. Ferrets are caged and separated from their mothers very early at ferret farms. Because of this early separation, young ferrets miss the important stage of mom teaching them to go to the bathroom in the same place.First off, remember, a ferret is NOT a cat. Yes, they can eat dry cat foodand can receive a rabies shot, but they do not return to the box every timeto relieve themselves. Ferrets have to have several boxes in a confinedarea and then at best, a 90% hit ratio can be achieved. The good newsabout ferret accidents is that they are small, do not permeate the carpetor floor, and if left to dry, their stools are odorless and dry in 24hours. A ferret's philosophy is this, "Oh - I see a litter box, do I haveto go potty? Yes, then I will use the box." OR "Oh - I need to go potty -I don't see a box. I guess this corner will do just fine." Fortunately,very few ferrets leave presents in the middle of the floor.2. Use a litter box in the cage that covers at least two corners, andsecure it in place so the ferret cannot rearrange its location or tip itover. Make sure the litter box is large enough to accommodate the ferret'sENTIRE body - some corner pans are too small for a full-grown male ferret. The front of the litter box should be low enough to allow easy access foryoung and geriatric ferrets.1. Use a dust free litter like Scamp 99% dust free clay, Feline Pinepellets, Pine Fresh pellets, Cat Works, recycled newspaper pellets, etc. Avoid clumping sand and scented litters. These ferrets like to dig in,make a mess of the place, and the litter can get caught up their nose. Theperfume can harm sensitive nasal passages or cause allergic reactions, andthe clumping sand will expand and may clog your ferrets nose, eyes andthroat! Place a little bit of soiled litter back into the clean pan todiscourage kits from using the litter box as a sand or play box. DO NOTUSE CEDAR OR WOOD SHAVINGS IN A FERRET'S CAGE. These can cause respiratoryproblems over a long period of time. Use old tee shirts or baby blanketsfor bedding. Ferrets are NOT rodents!Ferrets are the domesticated cousins of wild ferrets, polecats, weasels, and other mustelids. They are obligate carnivores, meaning their bodies evolved to survive solely on raw meat, bones, organs, and eggs. They lack the capability to break down vegetation in the same way omnivores and herbivores do. If ferrets are fed an inappropriate diet, they will develop a condition call insulinoma, which is terminal. See the health section for more details.