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My cats' favorite toys include a tattered tent and a
Playing with your cat is important to his physical and mental health. Unfortunately, finding a toy that your cat will actually like can be difficult. Here are some favorite toys among felines.
A few good toys are all your cat needs. Here are some of our favorite picks.
Between the noises they make, their particular shape and texture, and the color, feathers are a favorite cat toy. They tend to float and behave differently than other toys, so having a feather-based toy around can help to vary a cat’s playtime. The Humane Society actually suggests removing feathers from any toy you give a cat, but given their popularity, we think there can be a compromise. Feather toys are better for supervised play, so you can make sure your cat doesn’t swallow any of them. You should promptly throw away any loose or broken feathers, but until that point, they’re still good toys for exercising your cat. Your Turn: Do you make DIY cat toys for your kitty? Share your favorites in the comments!Pet Zone Favorite Play N Squeak Cat Toys, 4-Pack durable modelingdelicate Pet Zone Favorite Play N Squeak Cat Toys, 4-Pack
First up is one of my cats favorite toys, the mighty Bergan Turbo. This toy has been around for a long time and is very durable. It must have been developed by a feline scientist.These are 10 of my cats' favorite toys or activities! (I thought my list might help give someone some new ideas of fun stuff their cat might like to do!)Who doesn't want to spoil their favorite feline? Now you can without spending lots of cash or being super crafty with these 15 EASY diy cat toys!Cat toys come in a wide variety of styles, but there are a few categories that continually emerge as favorites. Here we’ve collected five example of five different categories of toys: balls, catnip toys, toys with feathers, mice and other prey animals, and scratching posts and playgrounds. These are all tried-and-true toy types which can add a new dimension to your cat’s environment and pique their interest. The Human Society of the United States recommends that you make a rotation of your cat’s toys to keep them interesting. Only keep a few out at a time, then switch them the next week. When you do, make sure they have one of each type of toy, including at least a couple that you use with them, since domestic cats enjoy bonding activities with their humans.Rotate your cat's toys weekly by making only four or five toys available at a time. Keep a variety of types easily accessible. If your cat has a huge favorite, like a soft "baby" that she loves to cuddle with, you should probably leave that one out all the time, or risk the wrath of your cat! Provide toys that offer a variety of uses - at least one toy to carry, one to "kill," one to roll and one to baby. When it comes to cat toys, no object is too small, big, or trivial. From your local pet store to common household items, there are hundreds of toys to choose from. So what exactly is a cat looking for? Cats especially love shiny, crinkly, and tinkly things; if it wiggles or is filled with , even better. A perennial cat favorite is the toy mouse. Whether realistic-looking or bright pink and glittery with neon blue ears, cats love to swat, throw, stalk, tease, and attack the toy mouse. Be sure to get an assortment of mice and rotate them out occasionally, so as to prevent kitty from getting bored. Want to see your cat go really gaga? Get a pointer. While this "toy" will require some human involvement, it is sure to give you and your cat hours of fun. Just shine the pointer's little red dot on a wall, door, or floor (never in kitty's eyes, as it may injure the cat's eyesight) and witness the ensuing mayhem. Be careful, though; you may want clear out an area so the cat doesn't knock down any priceless heirlooms. Other toys which may pique your cat's interest include bright feathers on a string, cat "fishing lines" (a piece of bouncy wire with paper or textile material attached to the end, so the cat can attack at will), sparkly balls, cardboard or plastic tunnels, and "treat" toys (toys with tasty treats inside a pocket). But you don’t even need to spend money to give your cat quality entertainment. Tease you cat with a bright piece of string. A big ball of aluminum foil is fun, too, as long as you supervise -- you don’t want the cat biting pieces off. Other common household items that make great cat toys are hair bands, pens, and chopsticks. The best homemade cat toy, however, has to be a box. Cats love boxes. They love to stalk them, jump in them, and hide in them, just waiting for a silly human to come by to pounce upon. Cats will even try to fit in boxes entirely too small for them, convinced they can squeeze in. Boxes make for hours of playtime fun, and make great sleeping spaces for cats, too. So now there is no excuse for having a bored kitty at home, is there? Whether store-bought or homemade, playing with toys are a great way of bonding with your cat. Let's not forget that playing with your cat can help make you look and feel younger, and who wouldn't like that? Image: / via Flickr