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The original Fairway Market, at West 74th Street on Manhattan's Upper West Side, was a modest produce shop. By 1997, it had expanded. A café serves sandwiches, burgers, and breakfast, and becomes a steakhouse by night. There are larger locations in ; neighborhood of , New York; mall in ; ; ; ; and . In 2011, Fairway expanded even further with two more locations: one on the of Manhattan, which opened on July 20, and the other in the neighborhood of , New York, which opened on November 16. In 2012, Fairway Market opened three more locations: in on June 6; on August 22; and in Manhattan in late December. In 2013, Fairway Market opened a location in and another at shopping mall in . There will be another store in by 2017. The company currently employs about 5,000 people.[]
Fairway Market in New Jersey: complete list of store locations and store hours.
And while others have caught up to Fairway, the stores themselves have also lost a lot of the character that made them feel unique in the first place. There are no more off-color jokes on laminated signs, or flatbreads piled sky-high. Nearly all of my former co-workers are long gone. Some people who were once associated with the company still have hope that Fairway can return to its former glory, but industry watchers say the only way out now is to restructure and close at least some of the chain’s 15 stores. A total rebound looks unlikely. At this point, it might be more realistic to hope that the original UWS location can survive long enough to see its 100th anniversary. Fairway Market - Plainview, New York - Location & Store HoursFairway Market - Paramus, New Jersey - Location & Store HoursFairway Market - Pelham Manor, New York - Location & Store Hours
For many Upper West Siders, life without Fairway is inconceivable. What began in 1974 as a humble market has mushroomed into a multistory, 35,000-square-foot gastronomic temple, where floor-to-ceiling assortments of glistening fresh produce offset homey prepared foods and tempting baked goods. Immaculate meats, seafood, appetizers, and deli items, as well as generous arrays of coffees, olives, oils, and the legendary cheese department have established Fairway as an indispensable culinary resource. Mystery is out and education is in, thanks to the countless chatty placards that detail the provenance, characteristics, and uses of products. Upstairs, organic produce, natural fare, and supplements fill the clean, well-kept aisles. A skylighted café, open since 2000, serves sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, and breakfast fare by day and becomes a steakhouse by night. Fairway's Harlem location opened in 1995, in a space about a third larger than its Upper West Side sibling, and offers a comparable range of top-quality products to this underserved neighborhood. The Harlem store's Cold Room, a frigid 10,000-square-foot enclosure that houses the store's mammoth offerings of meats, seafood, dairy, and fresh flowers, is worth a trip uptown, with insulated jackets offered to those sensitive to the gelid temperature. This location also offers that most precious of New York City commodities, ample parking.The Fairway Market in Lake Grove is closing almost two years after it opened.At the entrance of the Lake Grove Fairway supermarket on Friday two signs stated: “Store closing. Everything must go.”The store is scheduled to close by July 15, said Tony Speelman, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union’s Local 1500, based in Westbury. The Lake Grove store,...Unlike their first Brooklyn location in Red Hook, Fairway Georgetown offers a fresh juice and smoothie bar, a pizza bar, a freshly pulled mozzarella station, an extensive selection of bulk foods, an expansive fresh coffee section and a dine-in area where shoppers can enjoy the store’s ready-to-eat meal options. Of course, the pièce de résistance is catering specifically to the residents of Georgetown with a wide selection of locally sourced items, a robust kosher selection, including a fully stocked kosher bakery.Every year during Thanksgiving, Fairway has made it a tradition to give a happy holiday to those less fortunate. In all of its locations, Fairway donates food to shelters and food banks so that people who can’t afford a good Thanksgiving dinner can get one for free. Along with turkeys, Fairways typically gives the usual holiday fixings, including stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc. Last year, just from its Uptown store, Fairway donated over 650 turkeys throughout the city.