* ExquisiCat Crystals Cat Litter

1. One box of exquisicat litter pearls ((without the blue crystals))
*ExquisiCat Fragrance Free Clay Litter $2.29 for 10 lbs or $3.79 for 20 lbs
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Final cost as low as FREE or Also, I use Exquisicat paper pellets for my rat's litter boxes and it's fine. The only dusty part is at the bottom of the bags when there are crumbled up pieces of the pellets..79!
ExquisiCat Enviro-Friendly Pine Cat Litter a nice alternative.
It's great to use all natural products whenever possible in my opinion. That's why I bought a bag of this ExquisiCat Enviro-Friendly Pine Cat Litter from PetSmart. I had actually read some good reviews for it on their website and decided to purchase it because of that. However, after only using it a few days I made the switch right back to my original litter. This cat litter isn't all that great. First, it definitely doesn't help with odors at all. It's doesn't absorb moisture as well as clumping cat litter, which means it doesn't help with the odor of urine. I tried to sift out the clumps and it only made a mess, so I completely changed the Pine litter. I will never buy this stuff again, I don't know what I was thinking.

Moisture Absorption
This litter isn't moisture absorbent.

Ease of Cleaning
It's too hard to clean and sift through so you have to change it all the time.

Odor Control
Horrible at controlling odors.

Ease of Use
It's not easy to use, the cats track the little pellets throughout my whole house. I hate this cat litter. Brands: CareFresh, Feline Pine, ExquisiCat Pine Cat LitterShare the post "PetSmart: ExquisiCat Cat Litter deal (160 pounds for $1.98 after gift cards)"This ExquisiCat Naturals Disposable Tray and Litter is the perfect choice for those traveling with their pets or in need of a temp
ExquisiCat unscented litter that have the blue pearls is what is used. By you saying "what cats piss on" only shows ignorance. ..there is a lot for you to study in regards to what's the difference.This is one area where the brands differed. Dr. Elsey’s by far has the least amount of dust, both when pouring and scooping. ExquisiCat came in second. Petco Crystal litter has the most dust, especially when I’m stiring up the pee spots. I would say of all the types of litter I have tried so far (clay, corn, wheat, walnut) that this has the least dust.The choice lies in the proper kitty litter (exquisitcat), will not give off dust. If someone chose just any other kitty litter yes dust may be a problem but there are many threads on the need to use a specific kind.Scrapped pine lumber, ground into sawdust, is then made into pine natural cat litter. The process includes kiln-drying and compressing the sawdust into pine pellets. These pellets absorb many times their weight in moisture and then break down naturally into sawdust again. Another benefit of pine cat litter is that it naturally eliminates odors by absorbing and neutralizing ammonia. Brand names include Feline Pine, FreshAire Natural Pine and ExquisiCat Pine. Another difference was in crystal size. Dr. Elsey’s has very small fine crystals which is best for fishing out the turds as I don’t have to sift or shake the scoop which helps prevent kicking up dust. ExquisiCat’s crystals were just too big, making it exteremely difficult to scoop. If you go with that brand I recommend finding a scoop with very large spaces between the tines. Petco Crystal litter is in-between. Sometimes I get crystals stuck in my scoop (a litter lifter) but for the most part, the crystals fall through with 1-2 shakes.So two things I would try immediately - I would buy some Exquisite Cat paper litter (or another type of litter) and some puppy pee pads. Substitute one pan of litter for the new litter and put a puppy pee pad under the box and see if you can actually WATCH her to see how she eliminates.One of the newer natural cat litter types is one made from silica gel. This comes from a combination of silica dioxide sand, oxygen and water. Shapes are spheres, which are also known as pearls, half-spheres and crystals. The crystals have millions of tiny pores which absorb moisture - up to 40 times their weight. This type of natural cat litter is flushable, will keep odor at bay for up to a month (for 1 cat and as long as you remove the feces), and it does not track outside the litter box. FreshStep Crystals, Tidy Cat Crystals and ExquisiCat Crystals are some brand names. Just today I went to Petsmart and saw that the ExquisiCat brand has seriously revved up their natural litter selection. Isn't that Petsmarts house brand? They have paper pellets, pine pellets, wheat clumping, corn clumping, and a pine/corn clumping combo. Considering my DIY pine/corn went pretty well, I picked up a bag of theirs today. It's a pretty good price, 8.5 lbs for $9, the bags that weren't mixed types were even cheaper. I'm hoping their pine/corn mix may be my holy grail, but if not I may start testing their other ones. Just from comparing two clumping pines I've realized a different brand formulation can make a big difference in a litter type.