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- It's lacking in odor control. My cats have been furiously trying to cover up their business with the Elseys, sniffing it to see if the odor is still there, flinging the litter all over. With the EverClean, they didn't do this. A few swipes with their paws and done. I did notice that when I tossed the bag that had the urine clumps in it, that it REEKED of urine. I used to dump the little covered trash can once a week. I now have to do this once every couple of days.
Jun 13, 2012 - [IMG] Print a coupon for $5 off ONE EverClean cat litter
Elsey's isnt too bad. Clumps well but for whatever reason, clumps have a tendency to stick to the side of my litter box making them tough to get out sometimes. Dust isnt too bad, could always be better. My biggest gripe is the litter seems to track very easy. It really sticks to the bottom of my cats paws so I end up finding it all over the place, which is annoying. I finally got to the point where I cleaned one of the boxes and put in Elsey's on the bottom, then the EverClean, what my cats are used to, on top. They originally seemed to take it okay. And I noticed little to no dust. I've been just adding more Elsey's as they use the box, and I think by now most is the Elseys. Ever Clean Coupon for Cat Litter June 2012 - Coupon Dad40% Off Ever Clean Cat Litter, 15% Off Waterer And Toy, Petco CouponsBest Pet Coupons: Ever Clean Clumping Cat Litter