April 2010: Emery Cat is featured on QVC’s My Time with Mary Beth

You can now find Emery Cat Board at retailers such as Target for about $8.
Emery Cat Board is the perfect solution for cats scratching behavior. Instead of scratching valuable furniture and other household items, the cat scratches and stretches on Emery Cat Board.
This is a screen shot of the official Emery Cat Board website, captured in August 2013.
"My cats already have a scratch board that they're used to. I laid the Emery Cat right next to it, and they didn't have anything to do with it. Nothing."
At last there does exist a brand new and advanced cat system that you can buy that will let individuals keep his or her kitty looking and also feeling superb, presenting the Emery Cat Board. This base is like no other, it has a honeycomb surface that feels similar to a nail filer that allows cats to shave away the actual sharpness from their nails. This system can make clipping your cats nails much easier. No longer cutting too close or just to much that will bring about injury to your cat.Emery Cat is a catch scratching board that trims and grooms cats’ claws and comes with a fluffy toy so that they are playing while happily and safely grooming their claws. It uses an emery board that is infused with catnip so that the cat keeps coming back and avoids using their claws on other objects, like furniture, floors, and curtains. * Attractive playful kitty toy * Packet of catnip * Powerful Base Board Foundation * De-shredder * One more FREE Emery Base, Toy, and De-shredderThe benefits of investing in Emery Cat are endless. Every cat owner needs to have one in their house. Here are some additional, notable benefits: Emery Cat uses an emery board, just like humans use an emery board to file their own nails. Emery Cat has a patented honeycomb surface and because cats will think they are playing as well as trying to locate the catnip, they’ll never stop coming back to the emery board to safely sharpen their claws. Cats have a natural instinct to sharpen their claws, which explains why they often ruin curtains and furniture trying to do so. Emery Cat pertains to their natural instincts and allows them to file their claws easily and safely. Now your cat can trim its own claws with the Emery Cat Board, the fun kitty scratcher that grooms cats’ claws while they play. With Emery Cat, your cat can give itself a pedicure. It safely files its own claws each and every time it plays. The special arch design is perfect for stretching and scratching.Every cat owner will be at an advantage with Emery Cat. It attracts the cat’s natural grooming senses by providing an amazing emery board to support the grooming and scratching instincts they were born with. Traditional grooming posts can cost hundreds of dollars and they don’t even sharpen the cat’s claws, but Emery Cat is a great value and it does everything to help the cat keep their claws filed and safe. Emery Cat works for all cats, big and small. It can be placed anywhere in the house as a replacement for ruined curtains and furniture. (KFVS) -The commercial for Emery Cat is getting the attention of cat owners everywhere who are, in turn, emailing me to "Try it Before You Buy it".....well, sort of. I'll let two cats, Toby and Carlisle do most of the testing. They belong to Lezli Lincoln and her family. She says despite their clawing on furniture, they are keepers.