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Upcycled computer monitors, just like the one in picture (1), and old TVs can be turned into elegant and retro cat beds. They also add to the decor in the room. Vintage suitcases (2) can also be upcycled into a fancy cat bed – or they can be bought pre made on Etsy. Double them up, to create cat bunk beds (3).
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These cat beds are made in your choice of four elegant fabrics. Each chaise is hand made with a wood frame, comfort foam lounge surface, comfort pillow bolster, four wooden legs, upholstered fabric and beautiful accents. Kitty will have lovely dreams here. Outside measurements are 22 wide x 14 deep and 11 high. The horizontal lounge space measures 18 x 14, not counting the bolster. Cocoon-Inspired Cat Beds : elegant pet bed - Trend HunterElegant Home Fashions Jack Cat Bed - Cat Beds at HayneedleCleopatra Chaise Elegant - Cat Beds - by Keet - Houzz
Comfortable pet furniture design adds coziness and warmth to your room and provides a cozy place for your pet. Here is a collection of exciting, elegant and creative pet furniture design ideas that may inspire you to add the original and exclusive cat or dog beds to your home and office.The concept of Meyou Paris originated from a simple observation.
There are a lot of cat products on the market, but none that take design into account, considering they will be on display in your house. Meyou Paris offers refined and elegant cat beds that complement the design and harmony of your house but are - most importantly - comfortable for your cat. MAJESTIC Cat FURNITURE. 6' High, Best Cat Beds, High End Cat Trees, Elegant Cat Condos, Modern Cat Trees, Unique Cat Furniture, Custom Trees by IncredibleCat on EtsyMAJESTIC Cat FURNITURE. 6' High, Best Cat Beds, High End Cat Trees, Elegant Cat Condos, Modern Cat Trees, Unique Cat Furniture, Custom Trees by IncredibleCat on EtsyCreative, stylish and space saving cat beds, offered by Akemi Tanaka Inc. are perfect for city cats, living in small apartments. Lightweight mattress can be secured on a shelf with buttons or velcro fasteners on the shelf. Attractive curvy shape and elegant simplicity of modern cat beds make designs wonderful items for small apartment decorating.If you’re looking for a pet bed for your cat, that’s just as unique as your furry friend. Here are presented several examples of unique beds that will make your pet feel really cozy. These beds have been made in such a way that they won’t ruin the whole outlook of your home, being able to fit perfectly into the design. They vary from the most elegant ones to those that match perfectly into a more modernly designed home. These plush beds can take various shapes too, from crown to mouse shapes, so your cat can have something to dream about. Some of them have even some nice prints. Others are box shaped, so if you have shy cats, they can hide and feel safe in their nap places. The variety of fabric offered by these beds is astonishing, you can opt for woven, canvas and many other types of prints and colors. How does it look ? The cat beds from the collection feature solid wood frames with elegant carvings and details and they’re designed in a classic style. You can choose from two different sizes. The sofas come with matching cushions with polyurethane filling and they’re also treated with a dirt and water resistant layer.