SPOT Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy

Most electronic cat doors work in conjunction with a special collar and tag that your cat wears.
First comes power. As it happens, the collar keys in this section are all passive—they don’t require battery power. So that’s one thing you needn’t worry about. However, a number of the electronic cat flaps themselves are battery operated and you’ll want to pay attention so that a dead battery doesn’t lock your cat outside some cold winter night.
Electronic pet door for cats and dogs that keeps out Strays and other nuisance animals
Electronic cat finders sound like a terrific idea. The kitty bolts out the door, but you just turn on your locator device and bingo -- your cat is found. The reality, however, is that cat finders are rare: with one exception, such devices are actually all intended for dogs. Check out the electronic cat tail and cat ears in action via the video below.Can I use Yard Sentinel Electronic Cat Repeller With Motion Sensor to repel Civet in my loftRagdoll Cat Trigg vs. Undercover Mouse Toy Electronic Cat Toy - ラグドール - Floppycats
The e-Cat™ Electromagnetic Cat Door was designed with your Ideal Pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind. The Magnetic Collar allows only your pet to activate the cat door for easy and controlled access. Additional collars are available for multiple pet households and can be purchased separately.The Smarty Kat Hot Pursuit Electronic toy replicates the movements of hidden prey with erratically moving wand under a concealing fabric barrier. The concealed action of the lure fascinates cats and encourages healthy activity through play. The toy require 3 AA batteries, and is equipped with a four-speed controller that lets you customize the action and two replaceable wand attachments for playtime variety. The plastic wands and base are made from recycled plastic. All SmartyKat products are tested to child safety standards and come with a SmartyKat satisfaction guarantee.How do they work? Electronic and electro-magnetic pet doors open in response to a signal from a "key" attached to your pet's collar when your pet is a few inches from the door. Some keys activate the door that then opens like a mini garage door. In some units the "key" releases the catch so the pet can push the door open. The catch locks immediately after your pet has gone through the door, keeping out strays and roaming neighborhood tomcats.Some cat doors that are described as electronic are really electromagnetic. The collar the cat wears contains a magnet that sets off the doors operation. SmartyKat’s Hot Pursuit electronic motion toy mesmerizes cats by replicating the erratic movements of hidden prey. The two interchangeable wands flit and zip, unpredictably changing directions with only a teasing bit visible from under the durable fabric cover. This fascinating movement encourages healthy activity through the fun of play, and the four speed controls allow you to customize the action for your cat. SmartyKat gives pet parents the best of all worlds: innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility, and exceptional value with a variety of toys to meet a cat’s need for play, scratching, wellness, rest, and fun! A member of the Worldwise family of pet products, SmartyKat is grounded in the principles of pet safety, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility. SmartyKat products are designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. They are then tested against those standards to ensure they meet our strict quality and safety requirements – ensuring they’re safe for all members of your family. SmartyKat offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is dissatisfied with a SmartyKat product for any reason, they will replace it or refund it.There are certain electronic cat doors that are operated by microchip. This is the same that is implanted beneath your cat's skin in case it goes missing.