Easy way to Clean Cat Litter box

Cleaning your cat's litter box is as easy as emptying the garbage
I have 10 cat litter boxes for our "always full" cat shelter. Over the years we have learned several things to keep the litter costs down, keep things clean, and we make our own litter boxes for some of our big cats.

First, we use large, high sided, plastic totes as litter boxes. We cut a hole in either the front or the side of the tote with a box cutter. (Be careful when using the cutter please.) These litter boxes fit our Maine Coon mixes (20 lbs. of big cat). The high sides of the boxes allow for any spraying incidents to stay within the box and keeps the litter inside the box as some cats love to really dig.

Second, we have a roll of paper towels and a cleaned, reused dishwashing soap bottle (with a hand-written label on it) filled with a mixture of bleach and water in every room of the house. The mixture is 1/8 part bleach and the rest water. The paper towels and bleach mixture take care of any accidents right away. Having these cleaning supplies within easy reach helps us keep on top of things and is very cost effective.

Third, we use cedar shavings as litter. This is the same type of litter used in small animal cages but we buy it at Wal-mart in very large, compressed bags. Cedar shavings smell wonderful, are very absorbent, have little to no dust, do not track all over the place as badly as most litter and it is bio-degradable. (A word to the wise, do not change your cats litter from one type to another all at once or you are doomed to failure. Go slow. It can take weeks or months, slowly mixing in some of the new litter to the old.) Cedar shavings are inexpensive and you'll feel how light weight the box is when compared to higher priced litter. But, you must change the box out completely about every 3-4 days. Unlike scoopable litters, shavings do not clump. On the plus side, cleaning and refilling the box is fairly easy. A trash can on wheels helps. Empty the litter box, use your handy bottle of bleach mix to clean it, wipe out with a paper towel and refill the box. Soon, you'll have this chore down to a science.

By Marie from Rosenberg, TX
This is accomplished by the separation of solid from liquid waste making the cleaning of your cat litter box a very easy task.
This litter box is known to make the litter cleaning process much less of a hassle as this automatic litter box has been designed with and undertaking years of . The timer in the litter box starts counting till the waste inside has clumped up and is ready to be separated from the rest of the litter. The litter box comes with a patented globe, which starts to slowly rotate and shift through the litter, making sure that all the waste is separated from the litter. The waste is then dropped into the drawers lined with a garbage bag. Once it has worked its magic, the globe goes back in, and the litter is leveled up and ready for use. The litter box is big enough to handle cats which weigh heavier than usual. It also allows easy entrance as the entryway is larger than regular litter boxes. Litter box with large top opening for easy cleaning and raised back to prevent leaks. Includes a free sample of Catit.IRIS Easy Clean Hooded Litter Box | cat Litter Boxes | PetSmartMay 19, 2017 - IRIS Easy Clean Hooded Litter Box at PetSmart. Shop all cat litter boxes online.
This ingenious ($130) unsoils with an easy turn. And there are no batteries, plugs, or cords needed for this self-cleaning litter box, which uses any self-clumping cat litter. Designed and developed by a cat lover, the litter box is private and accommodates all cat sizes.The Litter Spinner is easy to use: simply fill the bottom of your litter spinner with 2 1/2" - 3" of your favorite clumping cat litter. When you want to clean your new Litter Spinner just spin one turn, your dirty cat litter is now clean. Cat waste is collected into an easy to empty drawer. No more scooping, no more costly replacement containers, no more handling of messy cat litter. It really is that easy. Since it only takes seconds you can clean your cat's litter box as often as you desire by simply rotating it. Your beloved cat will have a fresh, clean, ready to use litter box. The Litter Spinner is so simple that you will be amazed how easy cleaning your cat's litter box has become.My tip? Use clumping litter if you’re not sure what your cat prefers, since studies have shown that cats prefer this type of litter the best. (More on “Clay, clumping, and crystal kitty litter: Which should I choose?” next week!). Next, keep an empty container (e.g., a 5 pound bucket that used to contain kitty litter), line it with a plastic bag, and use a scoop to scoop out the urine clumps and feces every day. Dump the clumps directly into the empty container, and voila: you just have to dump the plastic bag once a week. It makes it oh so easy to scoop, contains the smell in the empty bucket, and saves a few plastic bags while making it more convenient to scoop. As the kitty litter box becomes emptier, just add in clean clumping kitty litter. No need to dump out precious, expensive, eco-unfriendly full boxes when cleaning – just scoop out the dirty and add in clean.The Litter robot requires , it only requires premium self clumping cat box and domestic house hold trash bags.
The whole idea of the unit is the convenience for cat owners, this is a set and forget self-cleaning litter box solution which requires no scooping or direct handling of cat waste, cat waste is disposed into the trash receptacle for easy bagging and disposal.
Odor is not an issue with this automatic cat litter box as it is heavily equipped with a carbon filter to eliminate any offensive cat odor.