R-7M Ear Mite Cat Treatment Kit

 R-7M Ear Mite Dog Treatment & Cats
The safe use of ACAREXX in cats used for breeding purposes, during pregnancy, or in lactating queens, has not been evaluated. ACAREXX suspension is a safe, convenient, proven ear mite treatment. In a well-controlled clinical field trial, ACAREXX was used safely in cats and kittens receiving other frequently used veterinary products such as flea control products, vaccines, anthelmintics, antibiotics and steroids. Not for human use.

CAUTION: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian

R-7M Ear Mite Cat Treatment Kit
My now 6 month old kitten had the worst case of ear mites the vet had ever seen. Tried olbemite 3 times with 1 week intervals only worked for few days then back to scratching. So when she was getting spayed I had them deep clean her ears which were compacted with debris. Next we put her on revolution for kitten's and started a regiment of Tresaderm ear treatment (script from vet, keep in frig),apply as follows 3 drops twice a day for one week both ears ,once a day for 1 /wk, 3 times a week, once a week for 3 weeks. Now she is cured. Before we thought she was deaf, now her ears are clean, she can hear and is a happy kittie. I will maintain the revolution probably for another 3 months dose and will periodically instill 3 drops of ear meds for preventative measure. drops cost aprox $14.00 from vet, revolution cost aprox $28.00 free shipping. online. Please do not use store bought ear mite meds, they squirm and cry, I think it burns too harsh for a cats ears. I hope this helps. God Bles For the treatment of ear mites in dogs and cats. Contains pyrethrins. Very safe.R-7M Ear Mite Cat Treatment KitR-7M Ear Mite Cat Treatment Kit
Ear mites can return and you may need to treat your pet more than once. Similar to fleas, ear mites lay eggs that have an extremely tough exterior, which makes it difficult to kill ear mites in one treatment. Eggs can be removed from your pet's ears or flushed out, however, most products used to treat ear mites won't kill ear mite eggs. Ear mite medications and products will generally only kill mites that have hatched. That's why most ear mite medications and products are used once, and repeated in 7 days—to give the eggs a chance to hatch out and be vulnerable to the medication. If you wait too long between treatments, though, there will be enough time for the hatched ear mite to lay more eggs. If the second medication dose is skipped, ear mites will appear to return—in truth, they never left because the eggs were not killed. Currently available treatment options make management and elimination of ear mites relatively straightforward. Acarexx is a medication that is gently massaged into the ears of pets. Advantage Multi and Revolution are be applied to the skin on the back of the neck. All three of these products have excellent safety profiles.Yes. However, ear mites have evolved to prefer dogs and cats rather than people. In people's ears, mites die without treatment after a few weeks, but they can be treated and removed as soon as they are diagnosed, just as they are for your pet. People who have had ear mites report that the infection nearly drove them insane because they could hear the scratching in their head, and because of the irritating sensation caused as the mites moved. People also report that they suffered from intense itching, heat, and inflammation. Treatment usually takes 3 steps.
Treatment of the infected ears of all susceptible cats with a product made for CATS, never use dog medicine for cats.
Treatment of the skin of the affected cats, usually flea medicine will work on the ear mites that have moved to the skin outside the ear.
Treatment and cleaning of the cat's environment and bedding. Ear mites can live for a limited time off the animal. Products used for fleas are often used to control ear mites in the cat's environment.Because development of ear mites is about 3-4 weeks until it is an adult, treatment must last a minimum of 3 weeks. When the ear mites are in the egg or pupating they are not easily killed. Larvae and Adults are more easily eradicated.If ear mite infestation is suspected, the cat owner should seek veterinary care without delay. Aside from relieving the animal’s discomfort, treatment can curb infection stemming from the mutilation of the ears and face that results from aggressive and nonstop scratching. Veterinary care can also prevent a serious ear disease called externa—an infection of the outer ear that, if untreated, can progress to the middle and inner ear and damage the ear drum, which can permanently affect the animal’s hearing and sense of balance.