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Dog paw pads can become dried out and cracked the same way our feet can. Wintertime and salt on sidewalks commonly causes paw pads to dry out quickly. The best thing to do for dry paws is to apply a moisturizing substance, such as Pawmagik by Muttluks. This roll-on moisturizing balm helps heal and soothe paw pads, and protect them from salt, snow, ice, hot pavement, hot sand or abrasion. Pawmagik is available at both Brookside and Lee’s Summit locations!
My cats paw pads arre drying out and turning black in some places
Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Dry, cracked paw pads may benefit of daily applications of Vaseline to soothe and soften the pads. Ointments are generally better absorbed after soaking the paws in warm water. While, licking off the Vaseline is not harmful in small quantities, it is best to temporarily cover the paw pad with a sock for a few hours so the dog does not lick it off and the Vaseline is properly absorbed. my cats paw pads arre drying out and turning black in some placesDog's and cat's paw pads and elbow joints can become dry, thickened and cracked.dandruff and dry paw pads - Cat Forum : Cat Discussion Forums
Unless Phil's paws are cracked or seem sore, most animals paws are dry--my dogs and cats' paws are. Animal paw pads have to be tough (and even calloused) since they don't wear shoes. Imagine yourself walking or running barefoot over what an animal would on a daily basis. It's not a good idea to use too much to condition the paws to be softer because that would make them more sensitive. Unless he's limping, chewing or excessively licking his paws, I'd just enjoy him for the Philly he is.
How are your allergies?Cats are sensitive to even simple things like the air being drier in the house during cold weather or spring pollen being walked into the house on your shoes. A dietary deficiency or allergy can develop quickly or slowly, causing cats to lick or bite their paws resulting in dry and raw pads.The easiest way to take care of it is to buy some Bag Balm and rub it on her paw pads everyday. Bag Balm is used on horses, humans, dogs, cats, etc. with dry and cracked skin. It was originally formulated for horse hooves.A diet deficiency can result in dry, cracked paws. If there is an oil or fatty acid deficiency you can get a cat food that is rich in omega-3 (fish oil, salmon, flax seeds) or you can give it as a supplement. Another diet deficiency that can cause cracked, dry pads is ingesting none of the required minerals of zinc and selenium. This can be a lack in the current food or caused by an internal illness like liver disease where too little zinc is absorbed. Zinc boosts skin strength and healing while selenium increases immunity. You can supplement your cat’s diet by giving 2 to 5 milligrams of zinc daily for a few weeks accompanied by 50 micrograms of selenium during the same period.