Back-of-Door Cat Climber Portable Cat Tower for Apartment Dwellers

Apr 7, 2015 - Here are 3 door-mounted cat climbers and condos you can rely on to provide ..
Give your cat a place to hang around!
Short on space but you still wanna give your cat a tower to claim his own. Why not check out this hanging wall mounted cat tower hideout. Hang it on any wall or simply mount it over a door frame. All hardware necessary for hanging is included. Made out of scratch resistant denier nylon, this tower can be folded up for quick and simple storage when not use. Bring it out when your cat is in a playful mood and watch him enjoy climbing up and exploring his new hideout.
: this is a door-mounted multi-level cat climber that provides your pet with a place to scratch, climb, and sleep.
At $57, the SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber is definitely a bargain. We feel the space-saving design and portability increase its value. (Traditional pet store cat trees at that price point can take up a lot of real estate and be very bulky and unwieldy for some owners.) Mounting the unit to a wall or adding a support board would not be an expensive upgrade, either. At this price, a cat owner might want to consider buying extra units later as the feline family expands. One satisfied buyer told us he has a SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber for each of his three cats. One climber is attached to a bedroom door, another is attached to a living room door, and another is permanently mounted on a wall in the basement. This kind of versatility is not often found in other styles of cat trees at any price. For outdoors, some outdoor cat enclosures come with climbing structures and perches, or can be adapted by mounting some.Outdoor wall climbing systems mount to the outside wall of your house (or the inside of an outdoor cat enclosure or fence).: a 5-story climbing unit for cats that you can mount to most closet doors. The portholes give your pets access to any level.
Too cool! The Climber, a door mounted cat tree from Cat Livin, is a terrific idea for people (and cats) with limited floor space. The sisal covered shelveThe space-saving SmartCat Climber is designed to fit over a standard door of 79-82 inches. A spring-loaded bracket assembly attaches at the top and bottom of the door. Individual steps stagger the height of the door to encourage climbing. The central support strut is covered with sisal string, a common material used to upholster scratching posts. Some customers say that the individual steps are not suitable for heavier cats. Owners also comment that the unit tends to sway and bow out from the door because it lacks a central support. This situation could be remedied with the use of tie-down strapping. You could also mount the SmartCat to a permanent wall for more support. (This would take a little more advanced engineering, and it would make the SmartCat far less portable. However, the result would be a more secure tree for your pet.) Over the door wall mounted jewelry armoire with mirror curtain door wall. Door mounted spice rack over the door wire racks. Tv frames for wall mounted tvs wall mounted tv unit designs google search furniture. Wall mounted bottle opener collection wall mounted drop down kitchen table pictures home. Cat bookcase climber interior designs, door mount cat scratcher pressed door cat scratcher smartcat cat climber. Products & resources mentioned in the video: Back of the door cat climber: Hanging cat condo for door: Window-mounted cat bed: The ultimate cat climbing post: Waterproof mattress cover: Sisal ropeWe always get requests for modern and small-scaled pet accessories - especially for cats. This new door-mounted cat tree comes from a new company, Cat Livin, and is named The Climber. Minimal in design, The Climber's most notable feature is that it is door-mounted. It requires very little space, perfect for a small-space dweller...Meet the Kittywalk Cozy Climber: a 5-story climbing unit for cats. You can mount it to most closet doors to provide your pets with some space to relax. It has 5 levels for your pet to climb and play. The portholes give you easy access on each level. The Cozy Climber also has a privacy parlor with