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Help! My dog is on medication but continues to have seizures. What should I do?
In 2017, Purina released a veterinary diet designed to supplement anti-seizure medications. The diet employs medium-chain fatty acids as a fat source (fats come in short, medium, and long-chain types which relate to the length of their chain of their carbon chain) and it turns out that MCT's have a direct anti-seizure effect. Dogs that were not able to achieve full seizure control with medication were able to improve control or achieve total control after a 3 month trial on this diet. It is not meant to replace medications by any means, just give them a nutritional boost.
If you dog has a previous history of seizures, your vet may have prescribed a medication to help ease the seizure, definitely have this ready.
If your dog suffers from epilepsy, you will have to frequently correspond with your vet to determine the effects of medication and to report any new seizures. When selecting any type of treatment medication for dogs for seizures, be sure to keep the following in mind.Depending on certain factors, medication may significantly improve quality and length of life for a dog with seizures.Epilepsy or dog seizure cannot be cured but if the right medication is administered the seizures can be successfully controlled.
Dogs and cats that have repeat seizures that do not improve on medications should be screened for high and/or levels. But high blood ammonia can be both the cause and the result of seizures (, )) Phenobarbital is the most commonly prescribed dog seizure medication for epilepsy. It is relatively safe, effective, and inexpensive. There is some risk of liver damage associated with the use of phenobarbital. However, when used properly, the risk of liver damage caused by phenobarbital is low. Dog seizure medication is often necessary to treat the seizures associated with canine epilepsy. Here are some different types of dog seizure medication. Potassium bromide is the preferred dog seizure medication for dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. Potassium bromide has no effect on the liver, and is therefore ideal for dogs with liver damage. SeizureGuard rebalances and increases your dog's immune, neurological, kidney, circulatory, and defensive systems up to optimal performance. As a result your dog will be less likely to experience a seizure, and when a seizure does occur, chances are good that it will last shorter and cause less damage. And perhaps the most critical benefit of SeizureGuard is that, when a seizure does occur, your dog will be able to recover quickly from it. It is in this phase where most permanent damage and life threatening effects occur – when a dog cannot recovery from an epileptic attack. Designed by veterinarians to be used in conjunction with prescribed medication.Dogs that are prescribed long term anti-epileptic drugs are at risk for a number of dog seizure medicationside effects. Dogs are prescribed long term therapy when they have experienced cluster seizures, a status epilepticus, or two or more seizures within a six week period. Anti-epileptics, or anti-seizure medications, do not prevent all seizures but control them by minimizing occurrences and severity.There is no cure for dog seizures. Never discontinue medication prescribed by your veterinarian, or replace a prescribed medication with Seizureguard. Seizureguard is a supplement to any medication prescribed by your veterinarian to build up vital systems in the event of an epileptic attack.Question: My dog was just diagnosed with epilepsy. Are there holistic treatments that will prevent seizures while avoiding the use of harsh medications like Phenobarbital?