Allergy Relief Shampoo for Dogs Medicated Dog by PurestPets, $20.00

Medicated shampoos and dips for dogs can be classified into four categories:
I often ask my clients what kind of shampoo they use on their dogs. They tell me they use a medicated shampoo, but they don’t really know the name or what’s in it or why they are using it. Many times I am told that they have a medicated shampoo with aloe and oatmeal in it.
All other medicated shampoos are either for the wrong thing, or they are way too harsh for dogs.
Flaking, dandruff and itchy skin have no place in a happy pup's life—so regular baths with the TropiClean Medicated Oatmeal & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo will leave your pet feeling and smelling his freshest. It has natural salicylic acid that eliminates scaly skin and dandruff, and oatmeal, vitamin E, and tea tree oil to moisturize the skin and leave the coat healthy and clean. Even better, this formula is soap-free so it doesn’t interfere with any spot on flea or tick treatments, meaning you can bathe your pet routinely without worry. SynergyLabs Antiparasitic Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo Mange AntifungalMedicated Dog Shampoo,Best Oatmeal,Shampoos,Dr. Oz,WalmartPurestPets Allergy Relief Medicated Dog Shampoo, 1-Gallon
Sebolux is a prescription medicated shampoo for dogs cats and horses. It contains sulfur and salicylic acid that work to remove scales and crusts on the skin and to reduces excess sebum. Sebolux is designed to continue working on the skin after application by slowly releasing the ingredients, and creates a protective film on the skin and hair. If your pet has been diagnosed with seborrhea, or a similar skin condition your veterinarian may prescribe a medicated shampoo like Sebolux. Available in 8 oz and 15.5 oz bottle.Dermazole is a prescription medicated shampoo for dogs, cats, and horses. It contains miconazole an antifungal that works to reduce fungus and yeast on the skin, and salicylic acid to help reduce skin scaling and excessive oiliness. Dermazole is gentle, antiseptic cleanser that helps in the treatment of certain dermatological conditions like seborrheic dermatitis. If your pet has been diagnosed with a skin condition, your veterinarian may prescribe a medicated shampoo like Dermazole as a part of treatment. Available in 8oz and 16oz bottles.The best choice is shampoo with aloe vera, oatmeal, and coconut cleansers. Don't use anything that's medicated or has any special ingredients or perfumes. It may not make your dog's hair quite as silky smooth, but his skin will be in a lot better shape.Malaseb Medicated Shampoo is an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-itch shampoo for dogs and cats. It is designed to help treat bacterial, fungal and yeast infections on your canine or feline?s skin. Malaseb Medicated Shampoo is also ideal as therapeutic treatment for your pet?s bacterial or fungal seborrhea as the combination of ingredients is highly effective against the common organisms causing this disease ( and ). Malaseb also aids in the treatment of dermatophyte infections, known as Ringworm, (when caused by and ) in dogs and cats. It decreases the time to clinical resolution and kills infective spores. SynergyLabs offers a great dog care product in the form of their special medicated shampoo. This medicated shampoo has been proven to have beneficial results when used on dogs with skin parasites or irritations. Due to its special formula the shampoo manages to soothe inflamed scalp, clean greasy hair and diminish rashes. Unlike other dog shampoos the SynergyLabs does not use soap or paraben dye.Malaseb Medicated Shampoo is registered for use on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens of all ages. It should be used with other antifungal medications for best ringworm treatment results. All animals in contact with a ringworm-infected pet should also be treated with Malaseb Medicated Shampoo to avoid spread of infection and environmental contamination.