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The idea of having to pick between Pookie and my boyfriend seemed unfair. Why can’t we have it all? Pet ownership is not something to be taken lightly. Getting rid of Pookie isn’t even an option but I’d also like to be able to have my boyfriend over to my place without him feeling like death. CatTime has a ton of tips on how to, but for those of us fortunate enough to be allergy free, taking care of your place for someone who does have allergies can be a big lifestyle change. Here are a few precautions I’ve been taking to insure that both Pookie and my boyfriend are comfortable in my apartment.
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Hopefully when you find hair floating around and covering the cushions of your sofa, it is due to normal seasonal shedding and you will never have to ask, “does my cat have allergies?” PAH Does My Dog or Cat Have Allergies? The 4 Most Common TypCat Sneezing: Respiratory Infections, Allergens, and Other CausesSometimes, excitement or movement can bring on sneezing in cats
Well, back to my husband. He does have these symptoms. He sneezing often, has a runny nose and is also coughing. The question now is, what do we do about it? What can cat owners do that find out, too late, that they are allergic to felines?