Jan 7, 2010 - Diabetic Cat won't eat DM Food

Purina Veterinary Diets DM Dietetic (Diabetic) Management Formula Dry Cat Food ..
They can potentially revert to non-diabetic, yes. However, feeding him grocery store food or fancy feast and not giving him insulin won't give him very good odds. When managed w/ insulin and ideal diets and weight management, about half of cats can revert if it was caught soon. Canned food is ideal for most cats, but dry food is much more economical and the dry Purina DM works pretty well too. weight loss will be great for his health though and improve his odds of reverting, just like it does in people w/ diabetes.
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8 yr old half maine coon cat went from purina dm, to evo cat and kitten dry,and is now on evo canned with neg urine and148 bg tonight.....site lists fancy feast flavors that are acceptable for diabetic cat. vet says most important to be canned and look for "cat and kitten" food, which evo is.....the protein is higher and carbs lower. oops i spelled that site wrong it is .....good luck,when your furry purry is cuddled up with you you'll know its worth it! ? - Best Diabetic Cat Food? | Feline Diabetes Message Board - FDMBFancy Feast Canned Cat Food | Feline Diabetes Message Board - FDMBGet Purina Dm Diabetic Cat Food Free shipping, in stock. Buy now!
Finding appropriate low carb wet foods in the UK can be a challenge as manufacturers keep switching up ingredients, some even including sugar! Please visit the Food Info section of the TR College of Knowledge (COK) to help assist you when calculating carbs based on dry matter for wet foods appropriate for diabetic cats. The downloadable Carb Calculation tool is available.

Wet cat food with a lower than 10% carbohydrate count based on dry matter (which is not indicated on the label) is best for cats with FD and is required when practicing TR. Avoid foods containing grains such as rice, wheat and corn, glutens, starches, sugars and syrups, gravies and those containing vegetables and fruits. Foods containing soy and/or ‘vegetable protein extract’ can raise the BG even if the percentage of calories from carbohydrates is below 10%. These species inappropriate ingredients can render the liver useless to do its job of protecting the brain in the event of low BG, potentially resulting in clinical hypo and are not at all recommended for cats when starting TR as explained in sticky.

Your vet may have prescribed Purina DM (Diabetes Management) prescription food. While lower in carbs than most tinned cat foods (a reformulation of the recipe has brought the dry matter carb content under 8%) it contains corn starch and is very expensive; it is an acceptable canned food for an FD cat on TR.

Before switching a cat already receiving insulin to an all wet low carb diet, it is very important to read the to make sure your cat is transitioned from both high carb wet food and /or dry kibble to low carb wet food safely, avoiding a potential clinical hypo. To save you the challenge of scrambling to identify low carb wet foods currently available in the UK, the following list is provided. Ingredients are always being changed by the manufacturers, so it is recommended to double check the dry matter carb content of foods periodically.

Delphi was diagnosed several years ago with diabetes. We have been able to manage it with insullin & diet (Purina DM). (She is 14 years old, and in great health!) I recently quit my job and feeding DM to 3 large cats is KILLING me! (Only one cat is diabetic, but it is impossible to keep Delphi out of the other cats' food, so I just feed them all DM.) I started wondering if there were any good diabetic cat food recipes that are less expensive than DM and easy to make and freeze?

I am currently spending $2 per DAY on cat food (gasp)! That is more than it costs to feed my 14 month old daughter!!

Sarah & Delphi (& Nikos & Tommy)1) First and foremost, always choose a canned, pouched, or raw meat diet for your cat. No type, brand or variety of dry food is acceptable for any cat, but especially not for any diabetic cat!! This includes every single food that is labeled as “for diabetics” (such as Hills m/d dry, Purina DM dry and Innova Evo dry). I CANNOT emphasize this point enough. I have had several clients whose diabetic cats have been released from their dependence on insulin who subsequently relapsed because their people believed what they read on a bag of dry cat food. There is simply NO dry cat food, and there likely never will be any dry cat food that will be an appropriate food for diabetic cats!An epidemiological study of cats from the Netherlands found indoor confinement and low physical activity and not amount of dry food were associated with DM. High carbohydrate intake was not considered a risk factor for feline DM. But recent reports from these investigators have suggested an association of high carbohydrate foods with calcium oxalate urolithiasis. Indoor confinement and physical inactivity rather than the proportion of dry food are risk factors in the development of feline type 2 diabetes mellitus.