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Disposable cat litter box is made from 100% recycled paper. Biodegradable design promotes air flow to help keep litter drier and assist in effective odor control. Sturdy construction will not leak, tear, or shred under normal litter box usage. Each box lasts up to four weeks and then quickly disposes in a home&s trash without the need for disinfectant sprays. Perfect as a stand-alone litter box, travel litter pan, or as a hard-sided insert. Slightly lowered front edge eases access for a pet. Works with any style of litter.
1 Disposable Covered Litter Box, Kitty Kan WITH Litter. Low as $9.80 ea. Made in USA- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Cat Travel Litter Box Made Easy.
Several inventors have created cat litter boxes which address one or more concerns; but fall short of solving several. U.S. Pat. No. 4,779,567 to Smith (1987) discloses a disposable travel type pet litter box; however, it is a single use device which must be maintained by cleaning and refilled with litter in order to be reused. It requires the use of a disposable bag liner, and does not provide a dome or enclosure for an animal to enter for privacy, tidiness and odor control. May 9, 2017 - Bring a Disposable or Small Litter Box. Cats love things that are familiar to them. Of course, when traveling, your cat needs to poop and pee too.Scoops waste into a covered waste trap within the disposable tray. Includes a unique health counter that tracks your cat's litter box usage to help monitor health.May 28, 2015 - Ours is good for disposable cat litter box travel as well, can you say that about your plastic one
Go Kitty Go! Portable Travel Cat/Kitty Litter Box is a must-have for kitty lovers and owners. Go Kitty Go is the world's ONLY foldable, reusable, portable, disposable, cleanable #Cat Litter Box. for only $12.99! click on the picture for more details regarding the product! #litterbox[TRIPCAT] is a portable and disposable cat litterbox for a traveling purpose to provide a better and more convenient traveling experience for both cats and their owners.Animal behaviorists suggest training dogs to respond to verbal cues such as “time to go to the bathroom” so they aren’t afraid to eliminate in unfamiliar places. Some dogs only feel comfortable going to the bathroom in familiar territory at home. The last thing you want is for your dog to be painfully uncomfortable because he won’t eliminate. For cats, place thick, absorbent puppy pads inside carriers and, during rest stops, encourage them to use a disposable travel litter box.The most common health concern about cat litter box maintenance is . Toxoplasmosis is a bacterium that all cats naturally carry, although it theoretically causes them no harm. Humans, however, are extremely susceptible to toxoplasmosis, and the only way that it canbe transmitted is through feces. While the condition does not typicallycause medical harm to humans, young children and pregnant women are more likely to experience complications with the condition because of their weakened immunity. The use of a disposable litter box can greatly reduce this risk because it limits human contact with feline feces.Disposable litter boxes are one of the greatest innovations available to address cat owners' most frequent concerns, including odor control, sanitation and convenience. There is no doubt that litter box maintenance is the cat owner's worst nightmare. There is simply no joy in changing a smelly cat litter box. However, disposable litter boxes have changed traditional litter box maintenance into being more manageable and less aggravating.The first thing that comes to mind when people hear disposable litter box is ‘what a waste.’ But wait for a minute. Disposable litter box is something all the cat owners have to consider if the situation demands. Most often such situations arise when a cat or dog accompanies the owner while traveling out somewhere, usually in a car.