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You see, normally I would spend lots of money on a flea preventative like frontline for my four cats, my small dog, and my medium dog. That's three boxes of flea meds. So in an attempt to save money, one day I was searching the internet for somewhere to order my flea meds online for a discount price. What I found is absolutely awesome. I found out that I can order frontline for extra large dogs and use a syringe to measure out smaller doses for all my pets, even my cats! I learned this from a store on e-bay. They sent me a single dose of frontline for extra large dogs, a syringe, a bottle to store the liquid in, and instructions on how to dose my pets. So now I treat all six of my babies out of one bottle for $14 a month. The store I bought from explains that it's safe, even for cats, as long as you measure the doses correctly. It's super easy and it's obvious how cost effective it is. The store also explains how to tell the difference between the real product and counterfeit. Just search frontline plus on e-bay and I'm sure you'll find it. Never spend a fortune on flea meds again! Buy discount Frontline Plus for Cats. Cheap prices and valuable information, thanks to TatoChip!Find discount Frontline Plus for cats here for complete flea & tick control on your