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It's safe to say that most dogs will wind up with a case of worms at some point. Puppies are especially susceptible to infestations. Veterinarians normally prescribe a de-worming medication, but chemical remedies are really not good for the dog. Natural homemade remedies are healthier and work just as well.
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They know the signs to look for and they know how to identify worms in a dog’s feces. If this is the case, you can buy over-the-counter medications to rid your pet of these parasites. The best dog dewormer will be effective on many types of worms, but if your vet does a fecal exam and specifies the type of worms that your dog has, you’ll be able to buy a dewormer that is specifically formulated for that type of worm. Buy Nemex deworming medication at VetDepot. Get the best prices on discount Nemex and Nemex-2 for dogs. No coupons needed.Products 1 - 8 of 8 - Buy Drontal Plus and Drontal Feline deworming medication at VetDepot. Get the best prices on discount Drontal for dogs and cats.Products 1 - 96 of 100 - VetDepot carries safe and effective deworming medication for dogs, cats, and horses at everyday low prices
Drontal is a pill or tablet medication for dogs of almost any age and it is an all-in-one dewormer, meaning that with consumption of one tablet you can rid your dog of tape worms, round worms and whip worms.5. Business As Usual: The degree of negative dog behaviors after deworming may depend on your dog’s reaction to the medication or the degree of worm infestation he has experienced. If you are fortunate, your dog may not show any change in dog behavior patterns following deworming. All the same, keep your pet under close observation in case of anything.Disgusting as they are, worms aren't uncommon in dogs. They're transmitted through routine activities, such as grooming and nursing. In fact, many dogs are born with worms. Tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms are commonly seen in dogs and, fortunately, are easy to treat. A dog's reaction to deworming depends on the type of worms infesting the dog and the medication used to kill them.The easiest and most inexpensive, all-around, deworming treatment available is Fenbendazole (Safe-Guard). It is virtually 100% effective against all four types of canine intestinal worms. If you buy deworming medications that are made and packaged specifically for dogs, you will be paying a fortune for them. After reading this article and seeing how often you need to treat your Beagle(s) for worms, I think you may want to follow my lead.Drontal Plus is a popular choice that comes in tablet form. Drontal Plus is a broad-spectrum de-wormer used in dogs to treat tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. Suitable for dogs weighing over 2 lbs and 3 weeks of age. They come in chewable tablets that are easy to give and is given as a single dose.

Interceptor Flavor Tabs is a monthly heartworm medication that prevents heartworm disease, controls adult hookworms, and removes and controls adult roundworms and whipworm infections. Suitable for dogs over 4 weeks of age and weighing over 2 poundsBecause puppies often have a more sensitive stomach than fully grown dogs, they can be more prone to side effects from certain medications. Worming medications are known for causing various side effects in puppies, including vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss and lack of energy. Certain puppies will be more sensitive to worming medications than others. Pet owners should not be alarmed if their puppy begins vomiting or has diarrhea following the deworming process.