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Designer Cat Scratch Furniture with Sisal Scratching Posts
The Leo Scratching Post is made of laminated wood with a texture that’s designed to appeal to cats while disguising claw marks. The sleek wood form sits on top of a polished metal base with a slight curve that allows the posts to sway just a bit (correction: newest version does not sway, see comment from the designer below). Measuring about 25″ tall, the Leo Scratching Post will let cats get a good stretch while scratching.
Cat scratching posts with designer carpet and hanging toys; 23.5-in. perch with ramp and lounge; durable sisal rope on 22-in. post
$126.99-$158.00 This dynamic, durable 45" Kitty Cat Jungle Gym Cat Tree is covered in designer carpet. The cat furnishing features three lounging platforms for your cat or kittens long afternoon naps. The posts feature sisal rope scratching areas for your cat or kittens clawing pleasure. Also included is a dangling cat toy. This cat scratching post is great for homes with multiple cats. Brand New ... Contemporary and Modern Designs; Cat Scratching Posts to Protect Your Furniturecat-scratching-posts-pet-furniture-shelves-design - PinterestThe Retro Kats Cat Scratchers. Unique and Artfully Designed Cat Scratching Posts . durable Feline Sisal Scratcher. Sturdy, Strong, Fashionable Cat Scratchers.
The Post is a well-designed and well-made product, and it's on our list of . What it may lack in style it makes up for in having almost everything else you may want in a cat scratcher. The is one of the best scratching posts on the market."As a designer, you start analyzing and say, 'Well, how can this be made better?'" he says. "I realized that cat scratching posts were really pretty terrible [from a design standpoint] for the most part. There's really no great modern design solution for a cat scratching post."Cat owners who find themselves hiding grubby scratching posts out of sight will love this awesome set that combines feline fun with playful design. The modular system consists of scratchable blocks that double as . All of the pieces are non-toxic, and they can be assembled in a variety of ways so that cats can enjoy an ever-changing feline playground.My husband and I rescued a cat from a shelter. She was there due to her destructive nature. She literally shredded all of our furniture. All she ever wanted to do was claw at our furniture. We tried everything. She had a cat tree, scratching posts, toys, etc. We used every diversion technique under the sun. Spraying her with water bottles, covering the furniture with tin foil, powders designed to discourage scratching/clawing, bitter tasting sprays, etc. We even tried putting the little soft caps on her nails. We tried for months to stop her destructive scratching to no avail. We could clearly see why she had been surrendered to a shelter. Despite her behavior, we were in love with her and could not bear to take her back to a shelter. We had no choice but to have her front claws removed. She adapted to it very well. She never had litter box issues, such as going outside of the box. She bounced right back. She still to this day gets on the furniture and makes scratching movements with her paws. It’s like she thinks she still has her claws. It has been years now and she still does this. The fact that she still engages in this behavior even after her claws were removed just shows me that we would never have been successful in teaching her to stop clawing. It is just a very deep instinctive behavior that she will never stop. We have no regrets having to have her claws removed. It was either that or take her back to the shelter where someone probably would have adopted her, got her home and realized her destructive ways and taken her back to the shelter. We feel she is better off having the surgery and having a good, loving home with us. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice.