Natural Balance Delectable Delights Sea Brulee Cat Food 2.5 oz

Natural Balance Delectable Delights Catatouille Grain Free Adult Wet Cat Food
Gourmet Mon Petit cat food multipack contains a selection of delectable recipes presented in a pouch size that's just right for your cat. Each 50g pouch seals in freshness for the perfect taste at every mealtime, while the exquisitely tender recipes provide all the nutrients your cat needs for their health. The Delightful Poultry Menu is a selection of recipes featuring fine cuts with chicken, duck or turkey cooked in a delicious sauce.

Box contains 6 x 50g pouches. 2 x Duck, 2 x Chicken and 2 x Turkey.
Natural Balance Delectable Delights Life's a Beach Cat Food 2.5 oz. Tub

Grau Gourmet Grain-Free is a special food to supplement your cat's diet. Some cats are sensitive to the addition of grains or cereals to their diet. Grau Gourmet Grain-Free takes into account nutritional sensitivities. Grau Gourmet Grain-Free exclusively contains meat, no carbohydrate. Select meats carefully prepared create a delectable, highly digestible cat ...

Delectable Delights Grain Free Sea Brulee Flavor Wet Cat FoodHealthy Cat Food Cookbook DelectableDelectable Cat Food, Low Prices and Fast, Free 1-2 Day Shipping, Buy Today!
Natural Balance Delectable Delights is a very high-quality wet food, that most cats find absolutely delicious. It is chock full of nutritious proteins like tuna, salmon and shrimp, but it also features vitamin- and mineral-rich vegetables, like carrots. It is not only a grain-free product made without corn or wheat, but it is also free of soy, artificial flavors or artificial colors.Ideal For: Natural Balance Delectable Delights is a nutritious food option, designed for adult cats of all breeds and lifestyles. Like most wet foods, it provides beneficial moisture, which can help support your cat’s urinary tract and kidneys, and its high protein content ensures your cat gets the amino acids he needs. Consider Natural Balance for any adult cat that doesn’t have special dietary needs. Because it is so palatable, it is also a great option for cats that turn down most foods they try.Pros: Natural Delights is a grain-free food product, made with a number of high-quality proteins and nutritious vegetables. It doesn’t include any artificial flavors or colors, so it is unlikely to trigger food allergies. Most owners report that cats appear to love the taste of Delectable Delights, and given the seafood-rich recipe, this is hardly unexpected. In fact, few owners reported having any trouble getting their cat to make the switch (however, it is always advisable to transition cats to new foods slowly to avoid upsetting their digestive tract). Additionally, because of the inclusion of salmon, Delectable Delights provides a wealth of omega fatty acids to help support skin and coat health. Delectable Delights is also a carrageenan-free food, which appeals to many owners.Dick Van Patten’s is owned by Del Monte. Their product lines include Natural Balance Alpha, Fat Dogs, Fat Cats Limited Ingredient Diets, Original Ultra, Synergy, Vegetarian, and Delectable Delights. Natural Balance has had 17 pet food recalls since 2005 resulting in approximately 7.45 million (7,449,358) recalled units (bags/cans/pouches).Crude Protein 11.0% minimum, Crude Fat 1.5% minimum, Crude Fiber 1.0% maximum, Moisture 83% maximum, Taurine 0.034% minimum. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance® Delectable Delights® is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for adult cats.Give your cat a treat unlike any other! Ciao Churu Purée Cat Treats are made with real, deep sea tuna or farm-raised chicken, are high in moisture and are available in five delectable varieties for your cat. Dolphin-safe and grain & preservative-free, Ciao Churu Purées can be fed by hand, poured into a bowl or even used as a tasty food topper to entice picky felines to eat. 4 tubes per 2 oz package.

Not a complete meal. For supplemental feeding only. Feed as a treat.

ChickenTuna with Chicken
Tuna with Scallops
Chicken with Scallops
NOTE: For voracious eaters, squeeze tube contents into a bowl for feeding. Do not feed directly from tube, as the cat may inadvertently eat some of the packaging. Cats love Ciao Churu, so do not leave unattended!

Packaging differ from pictured.

Recommended for: Picky eaters, treat lovers, wet food enthusiasts